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Remember that to compute the size of a type, you must enclose the type name in parentheses (like a cast, which is explained later in this chapter). This is not necessary for variable names. The principal use of sizeof is to help generate portable code when that code depends upon the size of the built-in data types. For example, imagine a database program that needs to store six integer values per record. If you want to port the database program to a variety of computers, you must not assume the size of an integer, but determine its actual length using sizeof. This being the case, you could use the following routine to write a record to a disk file:
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Quality of Service (QoS)
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Tunable lasers
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Figure 14 - 13
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Figure 3.2 shows the simplest form of customer premises interface. The handset is connected to the Central Office (CO) or exchange by a pair of copper wires called a 2-wire circuit. This circuit may be several miles long and is referred to as the local loop or outside plant (OSP). Both directions of transmission are carried simultaneously using a hybrid transformer that acts as a directional coupler to separate go and return signals (see Figure 3.3). Isolation of 10 20 dB is obtained, depending on impedance matching. The 2wire circuit also carries dc power ( 48 V) to the handset for signaling. In the industry these are referred to as wet lines. Switching and inter-exchange transmission are
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Initial value of StaticDemo.Val is 100 StaticDemo.Val is 8 StaticDemo.ValDiv2(): 4
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Drawing a Building to Scale
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4. Select the left part of the logo the part on the page and then click the Export button. 5. In the Export dialog, choose TTF-True Type Font from the Save As Type drop-down
IS Hop count (32-bit unsigned integer) Flags Parameter 6 length = 1
In cases where a method has regular parameters and a params parameter, the params parameter must be the last one in the parameter list. Furthermore, in all situations, there must be only one params parameter.
Packet switched networks are public wide area data transmission facilities and services that offer an alternative to private leased lines for establishing wide area networks. Public packet-switched networks can provide data connectivity between multiple locations, handling all of the required addressing, data switching, and error recovery services internally and in a manner that is transparent to the end users. Packet-switching networks are designed to better accommodate the high peak-toaverage throughput requirements of typical data traffic by sharing wide area network resources among many users, and charging users on a per-packet basis. Users of public packet-switching networks in effect pay only for the data they transmit, rather than pay for a fixed amount of bandwidth that is needed only for times of peak transmission, but which most of the time is underused or not used at all. The two most popular packet switched networks in worldwide use today are X.25 and frame relay.
If two sinusoidal waveforms have a 0 phase difference, we say that they are in phase. If the phase difference is 90 , we say that the waves are 90 out of phase.
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