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Figure 10-13
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Each manufacturer publishes a recommended method for recharging its products. Sealed batteries are less likely than wet-acid batteries to require equalization because they ordinarily neither lose nor gain electrolyte. Furthermore, they might gas excessively and lose electrolyte if subjected to a high voltage. Constantcurrent charging is a possibility with wet-acid batteries because limited accidental overcharging results only in loss of replaceable water. Sealed-battery manufacturers, however, fear such an accident and so recommend constant voltage with limited-current charging. Automotive-type regulators can be set only to a single voltage. Regulators that can be programmed for optimally fast charging will be covered in 4. Table 3.2 compares optimally fast charging voltages and currents for most marine batteries.
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(b) Milling cylindrical cam. FIGURE 10.4.
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Once the computer is properly connected to the network, the printer can be shared by others on the network. The only downside to shared printers is one of human interaction if there isn t communication between the people sharing the printer, you can find yourself with a minor headache. For instance, you might have loaded photo paper into the printer and before you can start your print job, someone else prints their stuff on it. Networked Networked printers have their own NICs, and their own Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. These printers need not be connected to another computer;
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Use the Salutation to Connect with Your Readers
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Technology Primer
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Part II:
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Indexers and Properties
#include <iostream> using namespace std; // This creates the class queue. class queue { int q[100]; int sloc, rloc; public: queue(); // constructor ~queue(); // destructor void qput(int i); int qget(); }; // This is the constructor function.
The arm can be supported by the elbow on your desk. The position of the hand directly in front of you is also more natural and closer to the center of your body. You are more centered, to use a martial arts term. It is just as easy, if not more so, to move your hand from the keyboard toward your solar plexus than to move it out to the right and putting your elbow and your shoulder in a twist. In this position, the hand holding the mouse will tend to point toward the left side of your body (if you are right handed), extending the outer edge of the hand and wrist and reducing the possibility of tendonitis at this point. In this location, given the curve of your arm, the most natural position for the mouse is sideways , with the cable leading off to the left (again, if you are righthanded). You will move the mouse to the left in order to get the cursor to move up on the screen. This adjustment, however, will be an almost instantaneous one.
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