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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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seekg( ) moves the get pointer. seekp( ) moves the put pointer.
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A key point to understand about an enumeration is that each of the symbols stands for an integer value. However, no implicit conversions are defined between an enum type and the built-in integer types, so an explicit cast must be used. Also, a cast is required when converting between two enumeration types. Since enumerations represent integer values, you can use an enumeration to control a switch statement or as the control variable in a for loop, for example. Each enumeration symbol is given a value one greater than the symbol that precedes it. By default, the value of the first enumeration symbol is 0. Therefore, in the Apple enumeration, Jonathan is 0, GoldenDel is 1, RedDel is 2, and so on. The members of an enumeration are accessed through their type name via the dot operator. For example
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Ensuring a New Fixture Fits
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Con guring VTP
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Mounting of the motors in any application is important, but combat robots present another magnitude of problems for their motors. The motors are trying to wrench themselves out of their mounts from extreme torque conditions. At the same time, their mounts are being shaken so intensely that the mounting screws can be sheared in half. So you must design your robot to handle such extremes. Quite often, a DC motor you might find in a surplus catalog has several threaded holes in the front face where the output shaft is located. Using these mounting holes for screwing the motor to a plate is okay for the types of applications for which the motor was originally designed, but using these holes may not suit an extreme situation in combat robots. To determine whether these holes are suitable, you may need to subject the motor / mounting brackets to a shock test. The large inertial mass of the motor may just shear off the screws as you slam the assembly into your garage floor. Unfortunately, you might have to use an easy-out to remove the remaining portion of the screws. Use your judgment here. You re in a far better situation if your motors have a flange mount around the front face of the motor. If you need more strength, you can drill out the threaded holes and make larger holes for through-hole, high-strength bolts. A flanged base mount can be found on some older motors. Flange-based motors offer a higher strength method of mounting compared with the threaded face hole method. Another method to use for mounting motors is to secure the face with the existing mounting holes to a motor bracket you ve fabricated, and then secure the back part of the motor with several high-strength clamps and a machined block in which to rest the motor. Use high-strength hose clamps that have a machined screw not the pot metal types found in some hose clamps. This back clamping will prevent the heavy motor from moving. See Figure 6-4.
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Now a home appliance, more robust modems (called long haul modems) were used for point-to-point wide area connections. Modems represent a security threat to the network. Can be found as a feature in a number of different wide area interconnects. Compression provides a low-cost means of encryption, though should not be used in situations requiring true encryption. ISDN-capable analyzer is required for serious troubleshooting. ISDN used widely in Europe. After being pronounced dead by the press, BRI has now found great
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16.09. The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of setting up a router-ona-stick. When setting up your subinterface for a router-on-a-stick, one thing that you must configure is the type of trunking ISL or 802.1Q and the VLAN with which the subinterface is associated, like this:
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Display Your Images on a Web Site
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Related Functions
Transformer case ground connection
Fig. 8-7
Dear Store Owner: As you plan your fall inventory assortment, I invite you to add a selection of my afghans and placemat sets to your product mix. Handwoven, they are of the highest quality wool and in unique colors.
On February 14, Jack Valenti, then the head of the MPAA, speaking of DeCSS and other threats to Hollywood s intellectual property, told Salon that, ...some obscure person sitting in a basement can throw up on the Internet a brand new motion picture, and with the click of a button have it go with the speed of light to 6 billion people around the world, instantaneously. This led people to wonder where they could get these new ISL modems10 that 6 billion people already had. Region coding, part of the CSS license, came under attack in London when British supermarket group Tesco wrote to Warner Home Video demanding an end to the policy. Sony s PlayStation 2 shipped more than 1 million units in its first 12 days, and in less than a month doubled the number of DVD players in Japan. DVD industry analysts worldwide quickly updated their forecasts to account for the expected impact of this new kind of DVD player. JVC announced a consumer version of D-VHS. The digital tape format, originally designed only to record data, had been reworked with a standard way of recording and playing back digital video, along with now requisite content protection. In July 2000, more than three years after the introduction of DVD-Video and DVD-ROM in the US, DVD-Audio players belatedly shipped. It was not what anyone would call a grand coming-out. There was no marketing or PR hoopla and the players were in short supply and hard to find. In November, Sony announced that it was working on Ultra Density Optical (UDO), a new blue-laser optical disc format intended to replace magneto-optical discs. In October, Sony showed UDO at the Ceatec show in Japan and also jointly with Pioneer unveiled a sister format called DVR Blue, which eventually became first-generation Blu-ray Disc rewritable format (BD-RE).
Distance Limitation
t one point in my career, I was a lead game designer at Bullfrog Productions, which I had joined because they were famous for some of the most innovative PC games ever made. I was given a prototype team to research a new god game (a subgenre of real-time strategy games) called
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