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Timing/Synchronization Synchronization is an important consideration in any circuit emulation scheme and the clock of the incoming signal (into the IWF) and outgoing signal (to the IWF) should be synchronized (i.e., the frequency should be the same). There are four options for this clock:
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In the following example, you want to specify the following defaults as part of the template: A header with the document name, centered A footer with the refresh date and page numbers In developing a template, you can work with an existing document or create a new one with a small set of data. In the following sections, you will first define default headers and footers, and then save the definitions in a template to ensure consistent formatting in new documents.
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Figure 2-18 RTCP receiver report
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provides a reliable connection. When implementing a reliable connection, sequence numbers and acknowledgments (ACKs) are commonly used. For example, when information is sent to a destination, the destination will acknowledge to the source what information was received. The destination can examine sequence numbers in the transmitted data segments to determine whether anything was missing (dropped along the way) as well as put the data back in the correct order, if it arrived out of order, before passing it on to the upper-layer application. If a segment is missing, the destination can request that the source resend the missing information. With some protocol stacks, the destination might have the source resend all of the information or parts of the information, including the missing parts. Some reliable connection protocols might also go through a handshake process when initially building a connection. This handshake process determines whether the two networking devices can build the connection and negotiates parameters that should be used to provide a reliable connection. With TCP, this is called the threeway handshake. TCP and the three-way handshake are discussed in more depth in 9.
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Section II: Topics in Gynecology
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3. A connection that supports multiple VLANs is called a __________. 4. Which of the following is true concerning 802.1Q A. B. C. D. It supports hub connections. It is not supported on the 2960 switches. The native VLAN is tagged. The original Ethernet frame is not modified.
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As the output shows, when an argument is not specified, its default value is used. It is important to understand that all optional parameters must appear to the right of those that are required. For example, the following declaration is invalid:
Figure 2-4 Weekly peak pow er-demand cur ve for a large utility operating with a w eekly load factor of about 80 percent.
Vout R1 Vin
We do this problem by evaluating the limit
4. Click OK to close the Set Group Priority dialog. 5. Note in the Manage Access Restrictions dialog that the priority numbers are now a 1 for Finance and 2 for Marketing. 6. Click OK to save the changes to the priority levels.
Cisco ASA Configuration
Controlling Speed = Controlling Voltage
The security appliances use flash memory to store the OS, the ASDM image, and the appliance configuration file. As with IOS devices, whenever you make configuration changes, these changes affect only the configuration that is running in RAM the configuration that the appliance is actively using (commonly called the running configuration, or running-config for short). You must manually enter a command to copy the configuration to flash in order to save it. This section covers the commands that you can use to manipulate your configuration files. Manipulating other files in flash is discussed in 26.
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