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where Fs is the friction force between bodies not sliding on each other. To maintain the motion the kinetic coef cient of friction is mk = Fk Fn
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Restriction Sets (see 13) to tailor these settings for individual users or groups. Limit execution time to This is another check box to use carefully. This option limits the time the server connection or PC (for Desktop Intelligence) is tied up, but it will not limit the time the database is affected. So if an administrator sets the limit to 10 minutes, the database could actually try to run the query for 60 minutes. In the past, BusinessObjects Enterprise server supported only synchronous connectivity to the database, meaning users could not cancel a query and only received an error only after the query completed. With asynchronous connectivity, the database session becomes inactive after 10 minutes and users will receive an error message at that time. Desktop Intelligence will say No Data to Fetch, while Web Intelligence will indicate only partial results have been retrieved (but no error). However, the query is still executing to completion on the database server, consuming resources there. Also, this option refers to the time for all of the SQL statements to execute. If your query contains multiple, synchronized SQL statements (which get created when there are multiple contexts in the universe), ensure this setting is high enough for all the statements to execute.
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As explained earlier in this chapter, you can read individual characters using getchar( ) or a derivative function. You can also use scanf( ) for this purpose if you use the %c format specifier. However, like most implementations of getchar( ), scanf( ) will generally line-buffer input when the %c specifier is used. This is the case with C++ Builder, too. Line-buffering makes scanf( ) somewhat troublesome in an interactive environment. Although spaces, tabs, and newlines are used as field separators when reading other types of data, when reading a single character, white-space characters are read like any other character. For example, with an input stream of "x y," this code fragment
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Figure 5-24 The KPI indicator has been changed from the normal Stoplight to the Smiley.
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<length> A fixed distance from the bottom of the positioning context. <percentage> Some percentage of the height of the positioning context, assuming that the height of the context has been set explicitly. If not, then a percentage value for bottom is treated as though it were auto. In practice, this means that percentage values for bottom set on relatively positioned elements will be ignored. auto The actual distance which results will depend on a number of factors. These factors are the dimensions of vertical measure for an absolutely positioned element (see the notes section). If the element has been relatively positioned, then auto has no apparent effect. In the case of an absolutely positioned element, the vertical dimensions of the Note element must add up to the height of the positioning context. If every measure of vertical distance besides bottom is explicitly set, then a value of auto is changed to make sure that they all add up to the height of the positioning context. Similarly, if all of the vertical dimensions including bottom are explicitly set, but do not add up to the height of the positioning context, then the value for bottom is discarded, and the necessary value is substituted. In both cases, a negative distance may be assigned to bottom. In addition, setting bottom to auto may force other vertical dimensions which are also set to auto to be reset to 0. See the section on positioning calculations in 1 for more information. In the case of relatively positioned elements, bottom defines a vertical offset from the place where the relatively positioned element would ordinarily have appeared. Positive values for bottom will offset the element upward, and negative values will move it downward. If both top and bottom are set to explicit values, then the value for bottom will be discarded in favor of top.
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Part I:
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A Simple Button Example
Choose one (q to quit): 1 The if: if(condition) statement; else statement; Help 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. on: if switch for while do-while break continue goto
Here, y is outside its scope.
Multicast Unicast
The last type of license is a hybrid of both the concurrent user and named user licenses. In the concurrent connected user with disconnect mode period enabled model, a concurrent connected user license is used, but the administrator has the option to set lease periods on a per-user basis. When this model is used, the grace period behaves identically to the named user license.
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