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Encapsulation is a programming mechanism that binds together code and the data it manipulates, and that keeps both safe from outside interference and misuse. In an objectoriented language, code and data can be bound together in such a way that a self-contained black box is created. Within the box are all necessary data and code. When code and data are linked together in this fashion, an object is created. In other words, an object is the device that supports encapsulation. Within an object, the code, data, or both may be private to that object or public. Private code or data is known to and accessible by only another part of the object. That is, private code or data cannot be accessed by a piece of the program that exists outside the object. When code or data is public, other parts of your program can access it even though it is defined within an object. Typically, the public parts of an object are used to provide a controlled interface to the private elements. C# s basic unit of encapsulation is the class. A class defines the form of an object. It specifies both the data and the code that will operate on that data. C# uses a class specification to construct objects. Objects are instances of a class. Thus, a class is essentially a set of plans that specify how to build an object. Collectively, the code and data that constitute a class are called its members. The data defined by the class is referred to as fields. The terms member variables and instance variables also are used. The code that operates on that data is contained within function members, of which the most common is the method. Method is C# s term for a subroutine. (Other function members include properties, events, and constructors.) Thus, the methods of a class contain code that acts on the fields defined by that class.
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Network Design
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Let s return to the abs( ) function one last time. Recall that in 8, the standard library functions abs( ), labs( ), and fabs( ) were consolidated into three overloaded functions called myabs( ). Each of the overloaded versions of myabs( ) were designed to return the absolute value of a different type of data. While the manual overloading of abs( ) in 8 was an improvement over the use of three different library functions (each having different names), it is still not the best way to create an absolute value function. Since the procedure that returns the absolute value of a number is the same for all types of numeric values, abs( ) is an excellent choice for a template function. Once a generic version of abs( ) exists, the compiler can automatically create whatever version of the function it needs. You, the programmer, do not need to anticipate each application. (You also won t be cluttering your source code with multiple, manually overloaded versions.) The following program contains the generic version of myabs( ). You might want to compare it to the overloaded versions in 8. As you will see, the generic version has shorter source code and is more flexible.
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Displaying an Address
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As with structures, you may declare a variable either by placing its name at the end of the definition or by using a separate declaration statement. To declare a union variable cnvt of type union_type using the definition just given, you would write
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Rick Doran
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Array indexes begin at zero.
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Disaster Recovery
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To display only files of a certain type, click the arrow to reveal a drop-down menu of all file types supported by Photoshop Elements. Select the desired file type, and only files of that type will be displayed in the main window of the Open dialog box.
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Figure 15-7
Key Skills & Concepts
Sizing the Alternator
#include <iostream> using namespace std; class X { int a; public: X(int j) { a = j; } int geta() { return a; } }; int main() { X ob = 99; // passes 99 to j cout << ob.geta(); // outputs 99 return 0; }
Chemistry: Matter and Change 5
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This program prints the first 11 powers of 12.
Chemistry: Matter and Change 17
Self Test
Next, let us consider a water utility database as depicted in Figure 1.2. The primary func tion of a water utility database is billing customers for water usage. Periodically, a customer's water consumption is measured from a meter and a bill is prepared. Many aspects can influ ence the preparation of a bill such as a customer's payment history, meter characteristics, type of customer (low income, renter, homeowner, small business, large business, etc.), and bil ling cycle. Relationships in the water utility database support answers to questions such as What is the date of the last bill sent to a customer How much water usage was recorded when a customer's meter was last read When did a customer make his/her last payment
P1, Risk Assessment
Turn the camera s mode dial to the aperture priority icon. Many cameras use the abbreviation Av or A for aperture priority mode. Choose the desired f-stop. Refer to your camera manual for the control that sets the f-stop. If you select an f-stop that will result in an underexposed or overexposed picture, your camera will display a warning. Refer to your camera manual for further details. Compose and shoot the picture.
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