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From a criminal investigative point of view, having the ability to access and search latent fingerprints against all the fingerprint records in the civil files database would seem beneficial for law enforcement purposes. For example, sometimes the only clue the authorities have in a criminal investigation is a latent fingerprint found at a crime scene. Suppose a latent print is found at the scene of a crime committed on a U.S. military base. A search of the criminal master file reveals no matches. The authorities could then search this latent print against the civil files database, which contains fingerprints of armed forces members, DoD civilian employees, and DoD contractors, including those who might have had access to the military base at the time the crime was committed. Figure 17-2 illustrates an example of how this process would work. The example is not limited to crimes committed at military bases, of course. Anytime there is a latent fingerprint left at a crime scene and no match found in the criminal master file, the FBI could routinely searched the civil files. In this way, more crimes could potentially be more speedily solved through employing these so-called cold searches, or searches in which no information about a suspect is required prior to conducting the search. However, latent searching works
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Clicking the Clear Undo List icon clears the entire list of actions in the Undo docker list, providing you with a clean slate. You cannot clear or delete some of the actions; clearing is an all or nothing decision. By default, the alert dialog shown next appears, warning you that clearing the Undo list can t be undone. Having a robust Undo list can be a much-needed safety net, so don t clear the list unless you have so many undos in the list that it is bogging down your system resources.
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monitor the terminals, integrate with SNMP management software, and remotely provide the terminals with software updates.
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