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Let s look closely at this example. Inside FailSoftArray are defined three private members. The first is a, which stores a reference to the array that will actually hold information. The second is errval, which is the value that will be returned when a call to Get( ) fails. The third is the private method ok( ), which determines if an index is within bounds. Thus, these three members can be used only by other members of the FailSoftArray class. Specifically, a and errval can be used only by other methods in the class, and ok( ) can be called only by other members of FailSoftArray. The rest of the class members are public and can be called by any other code in a program that uses FailSoftArray. When a FailSoftArray object is constructed, you must specify the size of the array and the value that you want to return if a call to Get( ) fails. The error value must be a value that
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public int IndexOf(string str, int start)
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The following section describes the areas in which ISDN functions, including multiple channels, telephone services, digital fax, analog fax, computer/ video conferencing, signaling, telemetry, and packet switching.
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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Here is the output:
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Note: SL is the abbreviation for single layer, and DL is the abbreviation for dual layer.
Evidence of localized infection and systemic infection after a spontaneous or elective abortion Stabilize the patient Take blood and endometrial cultures Administer parenteral broadspectrum antibiotics Surgically evacuate the uterine contents Administer anti-D immunoglobulin if it is warranted
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and characterize voltage differences in cells, particularly in excitable tissue cells such as neurons (nerve cells).
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