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What Electricity Is
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Virtual memory optimization requires an Enterprise edition license for Presentation Server 4.0.
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View Image Properties
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Figure 16-6. The Group Policy Management Console policy scope
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Secure Gateway Server
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Player Profiles Functionality
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Laboratory Manual
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Changing Authentication Parameters
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some that bill themselves as 4X Optical Zoom 10X Digital Zoom. The optical zoom refers to the fact that the zoom lens can be set over a range that lets objects appear four times closer at one extreme than they do at the other. The 10X Digital Zoom is just marketing malarkey. It means that the camera simply reuses the same pixels to simulate, usually poorly, what an image would look like if it were ten times closer. No new detail is revealed, and you can accomplish the same thing in a digital darkroom by enlarging a portion of the image. Don t pay a penny more for a camera because it boasts digital zoom. Another feature worth neither the money nor the clutter it adds to a camera already covered with buttons and dials is a power zoom. This means that pushing one of two buttons causes the zoom lens to move back and forth between
The approximations introduced into Eq. (6-5) hold true in many biophysical problems. The most common situations where we treat charges as dipoles involve two atoms connected by a polar covalent bond. The dipole then interacts either with an ion in solution or with an ion on some relatively distant part of the molecule that has folded back to come closer to the dipole. The distance, however, between adjacent covalently bonded atoms is really quite small, much smaller than between these atoms and an ion in solution and also much smaller than the distance between these atoms and some other part of the molecule that has folded back to interact with the dipole. Therefore it is typically the case that is much less than r. Equation (6-5) makes it easy to see the most important points to remember about charge-dipole forces. These points still apply even in the case where is not much less than r.
Business Writing for Results
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The following SQL creates a One Year Ago condition object. The comparison column is in a date format. Because SYSDATE is a date column including the day of the year, you subtract 365 days to arrive at the same date last year.
Print and Export Background Use this option to control whether the page background you ve added to your document page is included when exporting your drawing files or when you print the document. It s available when either Solid or Bitmap is selected for the page background; by default it s active.
Myth: Blu-ray Is Better Because It Is Digital
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