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As the table shows, the outcome of an exclusive OR operation is true only when exactly one operand is true. Here is a program that demonstrates several of the relational and logical operators:
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Connecting the sensors to your security system follows the steps we outlined in 6. Since the garage door sensor has only two leads, each wire is connected to a terminal of a zone input. When connecting to a security system or a home automation system (like the Stargate), this sensor can be set up to signal the control panel to take whatever action you deem necessary if it is tripped. With security systems that offer the level of X10 functionality that the Omni series provides, a series of events can be triggered when the garage door is opened.
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7: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
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C# supports inheritance by allowing one class to incorporate another class into its declaration. This is done by specifying a base class when a derived class is declared. Let s begin with a short example that illustrates several of the key features of inheritance. The following program creates a base class called TwoDShape that stores the width and height of a two-dimensional object, and creates a derived class called Triangle. Pay close attention to the way that Triangle is declared.
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This section describes five key packet forwarding functions and their relationship to the network stack. The network equipment that makes use of each function will be discussed later.
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IP is practically everywhere. Every personal computer produced today supports IP. It is used in corporate local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs), as well as in dial-up Internet access. IP applications now even reside within hand-held computers and various wireless devices. As a result, IP expertise is widespread and application development companies are numerous. This ubiquitous presence alone makes IP a suitable choice for transporting voice, or any other digital media stream for that matter. Of course, VoIP is not the only packet-based solution available to a commercial carrier. In fact, Voice over Frame Relay (VoFR) and Voice over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (VoATM) are powerful alternatives. One of the great disadvantages of such solutions, however, is that they do not have the same ubiquitous presence as IP. Although many users currently use IP, whether they know it or not, the same cannot be said for Frame Relay or ATM. IP is already at the desktop and it is hard to imagine that the same will ever apply to ATM or Frame Relay. To some extent, IP at the desktop might not matter to a next-generation Telco if the main objective is just to capture market share in the longDownloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
area applies to reaction rates. 2. Read the entire laboratory activity. Form a hypothesis about how an increase in surface area will affect the reaction rate. Form a second hypothesis about how the rate of a reaction might be predicted. Record your hypotheses on page 134. 3. Summarize the procedures you will follow to test your hypotheses. 4. What factors are constant in this experiment
Data Table 2 (Method 2)
Part III:
essary for overlaying menus with alpha-blending so that portions of the graphics can appear translucent or completely transparent. In addition, application resources such as image data can be cached so that they can be accessed seamlessly during disc playback. (Caching, or preloading of content, is necessary to prevent the disc pickup head from having to seek to another part of the disc to read the data, thus interrupting the main feature playback.) There is also a timing mechanism that allows applications to trigger different functions at specific points during feature playback, such as showing the option for a director s commentary or video game that is synchronized to the movie. By building these features into the format, the designers helped to ensure that the interaction model operates smoothly even on constrained devices.
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