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FPS 1) First-Person Shooter, a game in which the player sees the game world from the point of view of a person in that world, and runs around shooting at things with a variety of weaponry. Also sometimes called a POV shooter. 2) An abbreviation of Frames Per Second. See frame rate.
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The C# Language
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Figure 3.79 Class A diode-
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Print advertising Still the mainstay of game marketing, the marketing department will devise an ad campaign and purchase space in magazines they think will best reach their market. In special cases, they may even buy space in non-gamer magazines and newspapers as well, if they feel a game has a broad enough appeal to justify it. Web sites Any forthcoming game has to have a web site full of screenshots, information about the game, interviews with the designers, and downloadable items: desktop themes, audio clips, movies, and, above all, a playable demo once the game is complete enough to play. Co-marketing activities Publishers will often work with retailers to help them sell the game, by providing displays and decorations for their stores and fliers and other material about the games. The publisher may also help to pay for the store s own advertising. Retailers now have enough clout to demand this; a publisher who doesn t provide it may find their games on the bottom shelf, back in the least-accessible corner of the store! Trade shows A trade show isn t really marketing aimed at the consumer; rather, it s an event intended for the retailers. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the big game trade show in the United States. Publishers will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building a fancy booth and flying their marketing staff and senior developers to a trade show to demonstrate their products to distributors, retailers, and the press. E3 allows consumers in on the last day, so those who want to can get an early look. E3 can be a great opportunity for someone seeking a game development job, but keep in mind that the publishers are spending big bucks to be there to cut deals with distributors and retailers, not necessarily to talk to job applicants. Press events In addition to buying print advertising, a publisher will also try to get press coverage of the game in as many magazines as possible. They ll invite reporters to visit their offices and send them press kits fliers and CDs full of images and other information the magazine could use if it writes an article about the game. They ll send out early versions for previews to just about everybody they can think of, as well as distribute another version to magazines and other media sources near its release to facilitate reviews. Television advertising Only used for the biggest of the big hits, such as a surefire winner like Madden NFL Football. TV advertising is incredibly expensive just to produce, much less buy. Public events These are particularly common with sports games, because they can be held in conjunction with major sporting events like the NBA playoffs. The publisher holds a big party, hires celebrities to come and play their game, and, of course, invites the press to attend.
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Digital Technology and Cable System Applications
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Content Protection, Licensing, and Patents
Conversion Specialists
Create a local server account called RUSER for Reporting Services Communications. TIP: You can substitute a domain account for security purposes. Use Domain\Service Account as a substitute for the RSUSER account.
Outer Joins
Figure 10-8: Mapping using the address and DLCI
/* Look up a name. */ int search(char *p[], char *name) { register int t; for(t=0; p[t]; ++t) if(!strcmp(p[t], name)) return t; return -1; /* not found */ }
Authentication commonly fails because administrators either don t match up the usernames and passwords (username command) on
To disconnect a session, use the ssh disconnect command:
Dynamic capture Static frame capture Selective byte capture
Figure 27.5 Single-port protocol ana-
Security Systems
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