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Digital cameras give you wonderful full-color images. However, sometimes things look better in black and white. For example, some portraits look stunning as black-and-white pictures.
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Problems involving self-joins can be difficult to understand. If y o u are having trouble understanding Example 4 . 3 5 , use the conceptual evaluation process to help. Start with a small Faculty table. Copy this table and use the names Subr and Supr to distinguish between the two copies. Join the two tables over Subr.FacSupervisor each result row in the join shows a subordinate and supervisor pair. Problems involving self-referencing (unary) relationships are part o f tree-structured queries. In tree-structured queries, a table can be visualized as a structure such as a tree or hierarchy. For example, the Faculty table has a structure showing an organization hi erarchy. A t the top, the college dean resides. A t the bottom, faculty members without and Supr.FacSSN. If y o u need, derive the join using a cross product operation. You should be able to see that
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Ramp Up and Redesign
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The Time tab allows users to select a member in the cube s Time dimension and map it to a date in the Dashboard Designer s Time control. Developers can assign the levels in a time hierarchy to associated levels in the Dashboard Designer, which enables the use of Time Intelligence Filters across the cube. The Time Intelligence Filters allow developers to create filter selections such as Last 6 Months, Last 4 Quarters, and more, all of which can be based on the current date. A formula might look like Year -1:Year, which would yield the previous year and the current year (meaning it would result in 2006:2007 if run in the year 2007.) A similar formula, Month-12:Month, would return the last 12 months based on the current month. Now that the data source has been created, it s important to realize that it only exists on the machine of the developer who has created it. The Dashboard Designer application is running locally and in order for others to make use of data sources, or any other objects created in Dashboard Designer, they these objects must be published to the server. Individual objects can be published by right-clicking on them in the Workspace Browser and choosing Publish, or all changed objects can be published at once by clicking on the Publish All button on the Home ribbon. When objects are published to the server, they are automatically versioned and given a version number and a timestamp. Changes to the objects are tracked so that comparisons between versions can be compared and designers can even roll back to previous versions if necessary.
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It does not, unfortunately, allow ones like this:
Load Combination Dead Load Moments and Shears
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As you can see, the else is executed only if none of the preceding if statements succeeds.
Write the function k from the last example as the composition of three functions (instead of just two).
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