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It is possible to build intelligent peripherals in support of the AIN. These peripheral devices must be economical and reliable enough to operate in a central office environment. Multiple hardware elements are required. Communication paths must be redundant. Estimates are that by 2007, telephone industry spending will approximate $27 billion. Products and expenses supporting Advanced Intelligent Networks (AIN) will expand exponentially. Approximately $5 billion was spent on AIN products and services in 1998. Telephone industry spending on AIN will include Signaling Transfer Points (STP), Service Control Points (SCP), Service Switching Points (SSP), Intelligent Peripherals (IP), Service Creation Environments (SCE), and various hybrid products. Recent studies indicate that the demand for AIN features and functions will be driven by the following factors: 1. Demand for more customer control and services: Businesses are placing more strategic reliance on telecommunications. They need features and functions tailored to their specific needs. The number of functions and services required will be dictated by the lifestyle and business competitive environment of the end user. AIN is the only way to support such requirements. Services will have to be user-friendly and somewhat network-centric to meet the demands of the future user. 2. Greater geographical distribution and newer technologies: Future niche markets will probably emerge. They need to be widely available by the suppliers (LEC and IEC) to be effective and acceptable. AIN services must also become technology stable to support multiple vendor products and service on multiple switching systems. AIN-based services must find a way to work across carrier boundaries. 3. Mobility and mobile applications in a changing world: Businesses and personal use of communications support from cellular phones, voice mail, pagers, and e-mail are growing exponentially. The need to support a mobile user is now equally important. AIN-based services must cross vendor products and billing mechanisms to be effective. Wireless networks are among the fastest growing applications and services in the industry. The growth rate of 300% per year shows little sign of slowing. Personal Communications Services (PCS) networks are growing equally fast and demanding more services. Soon the AIN will have to support the single number for a user, regardless of where that user may reside.
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Citrix XenApp Features and Technology
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Here, filename is the name of the file in which the #error directive was found, linenum is the line number of the directive, and error-message is the message, itself.
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Figure 14.10 Using H-VPLS for broadcast TV forwarding
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guaranteed. Along with classes of service and ring-wide awareness of the bandwidth state of each inter-switch link there is a transit buffer, described in greater detail later in the chapter, which passes any traffic through the switch without queuing. This eliminates delay variation from the RPR network. Ethernet switches, having no network-wide information about link-states on the network may require packets to queue at each node. This introduces potential delay and delay variation into the system and makes video and voice services unpredictable. RPR and Reliability A protocol called Resilient would obviously place a significant emphasis on availability. Indeed, one of the primary characteristics of the protocol is its ability to restore any service in less than 50 ms. The RPR protocol has two mechanisms to restore service; steer and wrap. Applications are either more sensitive to lost packets or delay. Steer and Wrap are mechanisms to minimize either packet loss or delay, depending on the requirements of the application. RPR and Management RPR has a sophisticated topology discovery protocol and a management protocol built into the standard. These features provide information that is useful for the management standards that are being defined in the ITU, the IEEE and the MEF. Taken together this group of protocols will create and end-to-end OAM that will provide the kind of visibility required for large service provider Carrier Ethernet Networks. RPR and Scalability RPR is defined for data rates from 155 Mbps up to 10 Gbps. It also does nothing to preclude the introduction of faster data rate RPR. The most likely candidates for higher speed RPR are 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps. In addition the standard defines rings of up to 255 nodes and 2000 km in circumference.
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Measurement Issues A number of common problems can crop up in T1 services installation. When conditioning analog copper to T1 copper, all bridge taps and load coils must be removed from the pair; if they are not, the T pulses may be misshapen and unrecognizable to
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