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The Printing Environment
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Start Inside try block Abnormal program termination
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EXAMPLE A cam rotates at a constant speed of 30 rpm. The follower rises 11/2 in. with simple harmonic motion in 150 degrees of cam rotation. Find the displacement, velocity, and acceleration of the follower after 30 degrees of cam rotation (a) by use of formulas and (b) by employing the data in App. B. Solution (a)
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In other words radian measure of = and degree measure of = 180 (radian measure of ). (degree measure of ) 180
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process as a result of slight movement, some environmental factors such as dirt on the hand, or other common variances. In reality, no two presentations to a biometric device are ever exactly the same, but the distinctive features, however, do remain constant. One challenge with a template is that it acts as a snapshot of certain biometric characteristics taken at a particular point in time. For biometrics such as voice, the characteristic or trait may change over time due to age or abnormal circumstances (like trauma). This change over time is referred to as template aging (or other natural template drifting ). As a result, to ensure that a proper, up-todate template is being used, reenrollment on a periodic basis may be desirable. There is no long-term test data available; however, common sense suggests that template aging becomes worse over a long period of time and over a large population that spans all age groups. Some biometric systems can continually average a person s template upon each presentation so that the stored template is always updated. For certain applications, it may be necessary to store failed attempt templates as a method of ensuring against imposter attempts. A failed attempt template would simply be a recording, perhaps after a few failed tries, of a biometric characteristic that appeared to be repeatedly trying to enter the system. Storing failed attempt templates helps to prevent future attempts and also stores the information for subsequent investigation. One key aspect of template management is the storage size required for the template. Depending on the biometric used, the size of the template will vary. See Table 2-2 for approximate template sizes in bytes. A number of efforts have been undertaken in the area of compression technology, which allows a standard biometric template (as well as images) to be compressed into a very small space, thus making storage less expensive. Generally, compression is most useful for large-scale deployments, such as the FBI s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (known as IAFIS, discussed in 3). Keep in mind that several templates may need to be stored for each enrolled user. This approach allows for small variances in day-to-day differences of the templates. Plan on using three or four templates per user and estimate storage space needed for your application accordingly.
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int main() { loc *p1, *p2; float *f; try { p1 = new loc (10, 20); } catch (bad_alloc xa) { cout << "Allocation error for p1.\n"; return 1; } try { p2 = new loc (-10, -20); } catch (bad_alloc xa) { cout << "Allocation error for p2.\n"; return 1; } try { f = new float; // uses overloaded new, too } catch (bad_alloc xa) { cout << "Allocation error for f.\n"; return 1; } *f = 10.10F; cout << *f << "\n"; p1->show(); p2->show(); delete p1; delete p2; delete f; return 0; }
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What are the clinical manifestations of chronic endometritis
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Must be supported.
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Termination chassis
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Protecting VoIP
8: General Obstetrics
C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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Provisions for the high-speed data rates of full ADSL are good, but not every consumer is looking for the high data rates afforded on ADSL. Therefore, the Universal ADSL Working Group decided to reevaluate the need for the end-user. What they determined is that many consumers need download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds between 9.6 640 Kbps. As a result, the ADSL Lite specification was designed to accommodate these speeds as a logical stepping stone to the higher speed needs for the future. Initially introduced in early 1998, the specification was ratified in late 1998 to facilitate the lower throughput needs of the average consumer. DMT is the preferred method of delivering the G.Lite specification and service, as it is now known. This involves a slightly different method of delivering the service, but does accommodate the providers with a less expensive solution to provide full rate ADSL. There is no way to know if the network providers can support hundreds of multimegabit ADSL up and download speeds on their existing infrastructure. But using the G.Lite specification can support lower demand users more efficiently. Similar to the DMT used in the ANSI specification, the carriers are divided as shown in Figure 16-6 . Note that in this case the high end of the frequency spectrum tops out at approximately 550 kHz instead of the 1 MHz range with ADSL.
When a user begins using Password Manager for the first time, they may be required to define secondary credentials by selecting an identity verification question (also referred to as a user question in previous versions of Password Manager) and providing an answer to this question. The combination of question and answer is known as the identity verification phrase. In Citrix Password Manager 4.0, end users can choose from console defined questions or the default question. Since the default question does not provide the user with any clue as to what the answer might have been, some administrators see this as a source of confusion. Disabling this question will allow administrators to further customize the user experience by controlling the set of questions that the user can choose from. Administrators must be careful with this option as it may prevent existing users from authenticating to the agent. When a user is challenged to answer their identity verification question and their chosen question is no longer defined or no longer available, they will be unable to authenticate themselves to Password Manager. Because of this, it is important to disable this default question before users begin using the agent. This will ensure that you are not disabling an existing user s identity verification question. If the administrator disables the default question without creating or enabling any custom questions, the User configuration cannot get created. Password Manager users must belong to a User configuration.
An Introduction to Synchronous Signals and Networks An Introduction to Synchronous Signals and Networks 297
chapter 3 B i o p h y s i c a l T e c h n i q u e s a n d a p p l i c aT i o n s
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