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Disc Recording Software Features
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26.09.The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of creating subinterfaces on a router. To create a subinterface, use the following syntax:
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Before you add an IOS device to your network, you should gather the following information and perform the following tasks: 1. Decide which IP address you ll assign to the device for management purposes. 2. Configure the ports of the device, including the console and VTY ports. 3. Set up your passwords for User and Privilege EXEC access. 4. Assign the appropriate IP addresses to the device s interface(s). 5. Create a basic configuration on the device so that it can perform its job.
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2. To convert the help system into a class, you must first determine precisely what constitutes
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Learning BIM
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Exploring the C# Library
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Just as television has its sitcoms, cop shows, science fiction dramas, and soap operas, commercial video games have their genres, too. They appeal to different kinds of players and different kinds of developers too, for that matter. I ll take a quick look at these categories, because if you get a job in the game industry, the chances are that you ll end up working on a game in one or another of them. Of course, these certainly aren t the only kinds of games available, and many games include elements from more than one genre. Dungeon Keeper, for example, was partly a construction and management simulation and partly a war game. But when a publisher is planning their product line, they re likely to want a certain number of games that fit neatly into one pigeonhole or another.
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images. Continued . . .
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The first real job I ever held was packing college textbooks into boxes in a warehouse. Employment there was pretty straightforward: when they hired me, they said, You re hired, and when I quit, I said, I quit. That was about it so far as the paperwork went. Everything was done on a handshake. However, once I got a programming job in Silicon Valley, I was quite surprised on my first day of work when the personnel manager shoved a contract under my nose and told me I had to sign it. When you get a job in the game industry, the same thing will almost certainly happen to you. You ll be going through the company s new-employee process, setting up your health insurance and so on, and among all the other things you ll be asked to sign will be this contract. It may not be called a contract; it may be called an employment agreement, a proprietary information and inventions agreement, or something similar. In any case, it s a legally binding document and although it looks like a bunch of boring gobbledygook, it s very important. So what s it about
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TABLE 26-1
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Member server Member server
Note: The CD-ROM drive and recordable CD drive share fundamental
Evolution of SONET in the Rest of the World
Getting Started
Cascading Style Sheets in DHTML
When you try to compile, you will receive an error message stating that Length is read-only. Although the addition of the Length property improves FailSoftArray, it is not the only improvement that properties can make. The ErrFlag member is also a prime candidate for conversion into a property since access to it should also be limited to read-only. Here is the final improvement of FailSafeArray. It creates a property called Error that uses the original ErrFlag variable as its storage, and ErrFlag is made private to FailSoftArray.
The Ceil function will return the number input_parameter provided rounded up to the next whole number. This is different from the Round function, which will round a number either up or down.
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