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Fiber-optic technology as applied to cable television systems was just what the industry needed. Cable systems were expanding their bandwidth with the upper limit approaching 1 GHz. The number of ampli ers per cable-mile of plant was increasing at an alarming rate. High power consumption required more power supplies, which in turn caused system costs to increase. More cable plant devices and connectors caused increased signal leakage problems, all contributing to increased plant maintenance and escalating costs. It was indeed a dif cult and expensive project to expand plant bandwidth and channel capacity. Fiber-optic technology started out as simply plastic light pipes acting as monitor indicators for a variety of applications including automobiles. The continued research into the eld of optics and optical bers nally produced beroptic communications.
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4: Facial and Voice Recognition
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Introduction to SDM
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Citrix EdgeSight for XenApp
ciscoasa# show threat-detection statistics host Average(eps) Current(eps) Trigger Total events Host: tot-ses:282935 act-ses:25271 fw-drop:0 insp-drop:0 null-ses:21348 bad-acc:0 1-hour Sent byte: 2942 0 0 10530808 8-hour Sent byte: 376 0 0 10530808 24-hour Sent byte: 132 0 0 10530808 1-hour Sent pkts: 28 0 0 140443 8-hour Sent pkts: 5 0 0 140443 24-hour Sent pkts: 1 0 0 140443 20-min Sent drop: 8 0 1 10581 1-hour Sent drop: 4 0 1 10581 1-hour Recv byte: 2967 0 0 9726170 8-hour Recv byte: 383 0 0 9726170 24-hour Recv byte: 121 0 0 9726170 1-hour Recv pkts: 31 0 0 108486 8-hour Recv pkts: 4 0 0 108486 24-hour Recv pkts: 2 0 0 108486 20-min Recv drop: 51 0 5 56057 1-hour Recv drop: 22 0 2 56057 <--output omitted-->
RPR employs a ring structure using unidirectional, counter-rotating ringlets. Each ringlet is made up of links with data flow in the same direction. The ringlets are identified as ringlet0 and ringlet1, as shown in Figure 12.2. Stations on the ring are identified by an IEEE 802 48-bit MAC address. All links on the ring operate at the same data rate, but may exhibit different delay properties.
1. With the Pick Tool, select the gold object. 2. Choose Effects | Bevel to display the Bevel docker. Zoom into the logo to get a good
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Part I:
Part I:
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