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Implementing IComparable
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Remove Face is available for certain types of Lens effects and lets you specify whether other objects or the page background participate in the effect. By default, whenever a Lens effect is applied, the background your page, which is usually white is involved in the effect. However, if the lens you are using alters colors such as Custom Color Map and you don t want your background to be changed within the view seen through the lens object, choosing this option leaves the background unaltered. As you can see here, the design idea is to remap only the objects under the lens; at top left, without Remove Face, the
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In addition to the many aesthetic considerations, there are technical skills to think about: Recording Setting up and dialing-in (tweaking) audio recording equipment for the purposes required, then actually capturing the material. Recording ambient sounds in an open place requires different gear and different settings than when recording an actor in a sound booth or a band in a studio. Mixing Combining sounds to create an integrated audio experience, and applying digital effects, such as echoes, to change the way the results are interpreted by the ear. Editing Cutting and pasting sound effects, music, and dialog. Editing dialog together out of individual words or phrases so that it sounds natural is particularly tricky. It requires a close working relationship between the writer or designer, who creates the recording script, and the sound engineer, who cuts up and reassembles the sounds.
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1. Retro t priorities are de ned in FHWA Seismic Retro tting Manual for Highway Bridges and will depend upon: Structural vulnerability (Some components are more vulnerable than others, such as girder connections, bearings, seat width, piers, abutments, and soils.) Seismic and geotechnical hazards Importance factor. 2. The rating system: The quantitative part consists of the seismic rating (bridge ranking) and is based on the structural vulnerability or seismic hazard. The qualitative part consists of an overall priority index consisting of importance factor, remaining useful life, non-seismic de ciencies and redundancy.
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TABLE 7.8 Sample Rows of the Binary Orders Table
The physical interface that interconnects a device over a coax/fiber (or some other) media ( the Ether ). The frames being used as containers for transmitting and receiving the data between the physical interfaces on devices in the LAN. The underlying protocol employed to communicate between these devices. This includes building the frames and transmitting as well as receiving them, processing these frames for errors; it is also addresses all the associated signaling for enabling communication.
Link performance monitoring Fault detection and fault signaling Loopback testing
Once you have configured your IOS device, many commands are available to use to examine and troubleshoot your configuration. This section covers some of the basic show commands available. Subsequent chapters will discuss additional commands you can use to help troubleshoot more complex problems.
Figure 26.7 The simple three-stage PRBS generator demonstrates how the feedback shift register creates the pseudorandom sequence. The output of the exclusive-OR gate provides the input to the shift register. The truth table shows how the bit pattern steps through the shift register with each clock pulse.
the calendar by checking next to the appropriate optional frequencies. The optional frequency Quarter is checked for inclusion in the examples given in this chapter. The next page in the wizard is the Define Period Naming Conventions page. Here you can modify the naming conventions for each of the calendar frequencies available from the previous page. For the purpose of the examples in this chapter, all the options are left at their default values in this page. The next page in the Create Application Calendar wizard is the Create Calendar Views page. Additional custom views of the calendar data can be created when the Application Calendar is created for the first time, or when the calendar is extended. Calendar views are used to display members of the Time dimension in a convenient way. For example, if the calendar includes the frequencies year, quarter, month, and
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