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This example creates two additional classes, called X and Y, which also define event handlers compatible with MyEventHandler. Thus, these handlers can also become part of the event chain. Notice that the handlers in X and Y are not static. This means that objects of each must be created, and the handler linked to each instance must be added to the event chain. The differences between instance and static handlers are examined in the next section.
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There are other examples, like the import of a project schedule file into the modeling software, where the information can flow in only one direction. In such a case it is possible to change the data that came from the scheduling software into the model, but it is not possible to send them back to update the schedule in the scheduling software. Thus the schedule will have to be updated separately and manually. This type of information transfer also often implies that when some changes are made in the original scheduling software, the entire transfer process has to be repeated to have the changes reflected in the modeling software again, i.e., the transfer may not be incremental. This can be rather daunting on large project models, and it is a good reason to run trials of all anticipated processes in the planning stages of the BIM. Library parts represent another type of information link; a model file will be connected to a library folder (or file) that contains all the usable components. When such a library component is introduced into the model, it will be programmed to contain some specific parameters that reflect the characteristics of that specific component (information). The same library part may exist numerous times in the model, and each of these instances is an individual component containing its unique information; the link between the model and the library does, however, need to be maintained so that this information can be available in the model file (see Fig. 2.33). In most cases this information can be edited in the dialog box connected to (representing) that specific library part, but in some more advanced connections it is also possible to create a list of components (i.e., a door or window schedule) and edit the list, which then in turn edits the components in the 3D model. This is an example of a bidirectional link. If the model file is not connected to the library containing this specific library part, it will not show up in the model. All components made with the object tools, such as walls, roofs, and slabs, do not require attachment to a library. Figure 2.33 All three beams are the same library object, with different parameter settings in the same model. The model was made in Constructor by Vico. (Image courtesy of Vico.)
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MEF Standards specifications (Source: MEF)
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Port forwarding is a legacy solution for proxying a limited number of TCP applications. Plug-ins, new in version 8.0, are an alternative to using port forwarding rules. A plug-in is basically Java code, located in flash on the appliance, that is downloaded and included as part of the web browser and contains the actual application: the user therefore doesn t need this application on their desktop! Plug-ins try to minimize the impact on the user by hiding the thin client process port forwarding rules don t have to be created and downloaded. Plug-ins also perform much better than port forwarding and don t require anything to be installed on the user s PC, as is the case with port forwarding. Cisco-supported plug-ins can be downloaded with a CCO account on the Cisco site under the ASA software section. Cisco supports plug-ins for the following applications: VNC, Citrix, SSH, telnet, Windows Terminal Services, as well as non-Cisco ones. NOTE Plug-ins can only be used if the ASA, not an external proxy server, is proxying the connections. Also, when stateful failover is implemented, the proxied plug-in sessions are not copied from the active to standby units; therefore, when a failover occurs, plug-in sessions will fail and have to be reestablished by the user.
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Cloud Computing Technolog y
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Figure 5-7
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What is the definitive treatment for adenomyosis What is the prognosis for adenomyosis
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the camera when you re taking a picture that requires a lengthy exposure. Figure 1-8 shows a tripod suitable for a lightweight digital camera. If you own a digital SLR, note the weight of your camera before you purchase a tripod. (This isn t mandatory when you re buying a tripod for a point-andshoot or lightweight high-end digital camera.) If you purchase a tripod that s not rated for the weight of your camera, it won t be stable enough to ensure that you get sharp pictures. Make sure to note the weight of the camera with your heaviest lens and external flash attached. Decide which accessories you d like on your tripod. A spirit level is a nice accessory, as it enables you to adjust the tripod so that the camera is perfectly level. A tripod case is another handy accessory.
can then contact Susan. Moreover, the REFER method can be interpreted as an implicit SUBSCRIBE request, so that Joe can subsequently send a NOTIFY request to Mary to indicate whether he was able to successfully contact Susan. Figure 5-20 shows an example of the use of the REFER method.
Radio frequencies (RF) are generated by antennas that propagate the waves into the air. As they are being propagated, various factors can reflect or deflect the signal, affecting its quality and strength. Antennas fall under two different categories: directional and omni-directional. Directional antennas are commonly used in point-to-point configurations (connecting two distant buildings), and sometimes point-to-multipoint (connecting two WLANs). An example of a directional antenna is a Yagi antenna: this antenna allows you to adjust the direction and focus of the signal to intensify your range/reach. Omni-directional antennas are used in point-to-multipoint configurations, where they distribute the wireless signal to other computers or devices in your WLAN. An access point would use an omni-directional antenna. These antennas can also be used for point-to-point connections, but they lack the distance that directional antennas supply. Three main factors influence signal distortion:
Support Circuit Design
Security and Privacy
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Templates, Exceptions, and RTTI
Remember, each stream maintains its own set of format flags. Changing the flag settings of one stream does not affect another stream.
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