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his chapter discusses Citrix Presentation Server architecture topics that must be addressed in the planning and pilot phases before deploying Presentation Server in the enterprise. The concepts you learn about in this section include zones, the server farm s data store, the local host cache, and bandwidth requirements for Independent Management Architecture (IMA) communication in the server farm.
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This was true for a few early players, but almost all modern Blu-ray players output a full 1080p video signal. An HDMI connection is required for protected content that does not allow 1080p output over analog component video connections. Even when the video is encoded on the disc in 1080i, some players deinterlace it and output 1080p.
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Figure 19-12. Presentation Server single-hop DMZ
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if(false & (++i < 100)) Console.WriteLine("this won't be displayed"); Console.WriteLine("if statement executed: " + i); // displays 1 // In this case, i is not incremented because the short-circuit // operator skips the increment. if(false && (++i < 100)) Console.WriteLine("this won't be displayed"); Console.WriteLine("if statement executed: " + i); // still 1 !! } }
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7. Scale the duplicate ellipse to about 50 percent, and then recolor it. 8. Marquee-select both ellipses; then repeat step 6.
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Building and maintaining a bug database This task requires database skills, usually with Microsoft Access or Filemaker Pro. It s not the same as database programming, however; you don t have to write code. The bug database provides a means of uniquely recording each bug found, who found it, under what circumstances, and any other useful observations that may help solve the bug, as well as a status flag to indicate whether it is unfixed, claimed fixed, or verified fixed. Implementing the test plan In practice, this means overseeing the work of the testers: assigning parts of the test plan to them to perform, checking their progress, and generally acting as their boss. Maintaining relations with the development team Every bug the testers find, someone on the development team has to fix. This means that testing results data is constantly flowing to the developers, and new, corrected, builds of the software are constantly flowing back to the testers for verification. The testing manager oversees this process, making sure the testers are working on the current version. It also requires a little diplomacy: testers sometimes take a little too much glee in reporting a bug, and programmers can suffer from injured pride. Part of the testing manager s job is to prevent this, and to make sure everyone realizes they re all on the same side. code to generate barcode 128
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Presentation Server x64 (Windows 2003 x64) 327 1 (203% improvement over Windows 2000)
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Perhaps the most interesting C# numeric type is decimal, which is intended for use in monetary calculations. The decimal type utilizes 128 bits to represent values within the range 1E 28 to 7.9E+28. As you may know, normal floating-point arithmetic is subject to a variety of rounding errors when it is applied to decimal values. The decimal type eliminates these errors and can accurately represent up to 28 decimal places (or 29 places in some cases). This ability to represent decimal values without rounding errors makes it especially useful for computations that involve money. Here is a program that uses a decimal type in a financial calculation. The program computes the discounted price given the original price and a discount percentage.
Chemistry: Matter and Change 14
TABLE 21-5 Methods Supported by Double
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