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Power, Status, Active, VPN, and SSC LEDs
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25: WAN Introduction
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In the program, notice how the end of the file is determined. When the reference returned by ReadLine( ) is null, the end of the file has been reached. Although this approach works, StreamReader provides an alternative means of detecting the end of the stream: the EndOfStream property. This read-only property is true when the end of the stream has been reached and false otherwise. Therefore, you can use EndOfStream to watch for the end of a file. For example, here is another way to write the while loop that reads the file:
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Although Seek( ) offers the greatest flexibility, there is another way to set the current file position. You can use the Position property. As shown previously in Table 14-2, Position is a read/write property. Therefore, you can use it to obtain the current position, or to set the current position. For example, here is the code sequence from the preceding program that reads every other letter from the file, rewritten to use the Position property:
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Use Object Fill
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Selecting a password Users should select a password that is easy for them to remember but difficult for others to guess. Passwords should not contain common words or words that are the names of their family members or pets, nor should they contain numeric combinations representing birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Many environments require passwords of a minimum length (typically eight characters), and they require that passwords contain some combination of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Many environments also require that passwords be changed periodically, typically every 90 days. They also forbid the use of recently used passwords, which lowers the risk of someone else using a previous password. Sharing passwords Users should be told that they should never share any password with any other person, for any reason! User accounts must be used only by the person to whom they are assigned and by no one else in any situation. In many organizations, sharing passwords can result in termination of employment. Transmitting passwords Passwords should never be sent in an e-mail message. An eavesdropper or any person who intercepts the message would then know the password and may be able to use it, compromising the integrity of the user account and possibly of some sensitive business information as well. Writing down passwords In environments with many applications, there can be many passwords to remember. Users will be tempted to write them down or save them in a spreadsheet or text file on their workstation. It would be acceptable for users to write down their passwords, provided they keep the paper with those passwords locked away or on their person always. Electronic password vaulting With so many complex passwords to remember, users could store their passwords in an electronic password vault; a number of good ones are available, including Password Safe and KeePass. NOTE Users should be advised to not store their passwords in any online password archival service.
Password Manager Administration
One nice feature of an IOS device is that when certain types of events occur, such as an interface going down or up, an administrator making a configuration change, or output of debug commands, the IOS device, by default, prints an informational message on the console line. It won t, however, display the same messages if you happen to have logged into the IOS device via telnet or SSH or accessed the device via the auxiliary or TTY lines. If the latter is the case, you can have the IOS display these messages on your screen by executing the Privilege EXEC terminal monitor command, as shown here:
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