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environment. Prior to the mainstreaming of the Internet, most programs were written, compiled, and targeted for a specific CPU and a specific operating system. While it has always been true that programmers like to reuse their code, the ability to port a program easily from one environment to another took a backseat to more pressing problems. However, with the rise of the Internet, in which many different types of CPUs and operating systems are connected, the old problem of portability reemerged with a vengeance. To solve the problem of portability, a new language was needed, and this new language was Java. Although the single most important aspect of Java (and the reason for its rapid acceptance) is its ability to create cross-platform, portable code, it is interesting to note that the original impetus for Java was not the Internet, but rather the need for a platformindependent language that could be used to create software for embedded controllers. In 1993, it became clear that the issues of cross-platform portability found when creating code for embedded controllers are also encountered when attempting to create code for the Internet. Remember: the Internet is a vast, distributed computing universe in which many different types of computers live. The same techniques that solved the portability problem on a small scale could be applied to the Internet on a large scale. Java achieved portability by translating a program s source code into an intermediate language called bytecode. This bytecode was then executed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Therefore, a Java program could run in any environment for which a JVM was available. Also, since the JVM is relatively easy to implement, it was readily available for a large number of environments. Java s use of bytecode differed radically from both C and C++, which were nearly always compiled to executable machine code. Machine code is tied to a specific CPU and operating system. Thus, if you wanted to run a C/C++ program on a different system, it needed to be recompiled to machine code specifically for that environment. Therefore, to create a C/C++ program that would run in a variety of environments, several different executable versions of the program would be needed. Not only was this impractical, it was expensive. Java s use of an intermediate language was an elegant, cost-effective solution. It is also a solution that C# would adapt for its own purposes. As mentioned, Java is descended from C and C++. Its syntax is based on C, and its object model is evolved from C++. Although Java code is neither upwardly nor downwardly compatible with C or C++, its syntax is sufficiently similar that the large pool of existing C/C++ programmers could move to Java with very little effort. Furthermore, because Java built upon and improved an existing paradigm, Gosling, et al., were free to focus their attentions on the new and innovative features. Just as Stroustrup did not need to reinvent the wheel when creating C++, Gosling did not need to create an entirely new language when developing Java. Moreover, with the creation of Java, C and C++ became an accepted substrata upon which to base a new computer language.
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[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon] DefaultPassword ="Hot Desktop Shared Account password"
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Here is a more practical example of break. This program finds the smallest factor of a number.
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Transformation Attribute to entity type Split a compound attribute Expand entity type Weak entity to strong entity Add history
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If a router sits between the source and destination, the IP addresses are the
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The Properties of a Pixel-Based Image
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You Try Calculate the derivative of f (x) = It: g(x) = k x for any k {2, 3, 4, . . . }.
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Figure 7-2: In Full Edit mode, you have complete control over image editing.
printf("3: Look up a word in the dictionary\n"); printf("4: Quit\n"); printf("\nEnter your selection: "); choice = getch(); } while(!strchr("1234", choice));
Even the most experienced pigmented lesion expert dermatopathologists do not always get it right. A consensus of opinions might be better than a single opinion (eg, dermoscopists, dermatopathologists). Every one misses and/or misdiagnoses melanoma. It is a sad fact of life!
Figure 5-26 An Analytic Chart showing the Date dimension on the bottom axis and the Order Quantity as the series
Disc type 12 cm Sides/layers Billions of bytesa Gigabytesa CD DVD Video playback hours (h) Audio playback hours (h) or days (d) Typicalb 2-ch PCMd 5.1-che Min. to max.f
ciscoasa# no capture capture_name [access-list ACL_ID] [circular-buffer] [interface logical_if_name]
the function ln x is increasing. As a result, ln : {x : x > 0} R is one-to-one and onto. Hence the natural logarithm function has an inverse. The inverse function to the natural logarithm function is called the exponential function and is written exp(x). The domain of exp is the entire real line. The range is the set of positive real numbers.
At the backbone of your network, or at least where your critical resources are located, you ll probably incorporate some type of redundancy in your design. This might include redundancy with your switches at layer 2, creating layer 2 loops in your network as shown in Figure 4-9. The problem with loops in your network is that when the switch floods certain types of traffic, such as broadcasts or multicasts, you don t want this traffic going around and around the loop forever, creating serious utilization problems. Plus, for unknown destinations, as the frame is going around the loop, the switches update their CAM tables with the source address, which eventually shows up as connected to another connected switch, creating confusion about where the source device really is located. For example, if a device is connected to Switch 3,
which returns 18,044 days. Or = DAYS360 8=17=1953 , 10=1=2003 which returns 18,044 days. Because each year is 5 days shorter than the actual year (6 in a leap year), the number of interval days is fewer than the previous calculation. This is not a problem if we are looking to get a sense of the portion of the month or the year using this method. To find the number of months, we simply take the interval in days in a 360-day year and divide it by 30. Now, to get the number of months or the number of years: 18,044=30= 601:47 months 18,044=360= 50:12 years
TABLE 22-2 The StringComparison Enumeration Values
No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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