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8. C. The address pool has 61 addresses, but more than 100 are needed and address overloading is not configured. A is not correct since the ACL includes addresses off of the fa0/0 interface. B is incorrect because the fa0/0 interface is the inside interface. D is incorrect because the IP address and mask is configured correctly. 9. A. The ip nat outside command is missing on serial1/0, so no translation will take place. Since translation is misconfigured, B, C, and D are incorrect answers. 10. C. ACLs are processed before the other three. A is incorrect because policy routing is done after inbound rate limiting policies. B is incorrect because inside-to-outside NAT rules occur after policy routing. D is incorrect because inbound rate limiting policies are done after the inbound ACLs.
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coils. Divide the diameter by 2 to get the radius. Record the radius (R), in meters, in Data Table 1. The number of turns N should be written on the coil. Record N in Data Table 1. Calculate the constant k using the equation given in the introduction, and record the value in Data Table 1. 2. Assemble the electromagnetic tube apparatus. Figure A provides a sketch of the general setup, but details vary depending on the particular hardware being used. Your teacher will provide specific details. Do not switch the apparatus on. 3. Assemble the Helmholtz coils apparatus around the electromagnetic tube. The entire arrangement is shown in Figure B. Ask your teacher to inspect
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Packaging Duplicated Discs
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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
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The key to using strcmp( ) is to remember that it returns false when the strings match. Therefore, you will need to use the ! (NOT) operator if you want something to occur when the strings are equal. For example, the following program continues to request input until the user types the word "quit":
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TABLE 11-5
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11 12 1 Hour of Day
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ciscoasa# show sip Total: 2 call-id c3943000-960ca-2e43-1111@ state Call init, idle 0:00:01 call-id c3943000-860ca-7e1f-11f7@ state Active, idle 0:00:05
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is typically used in WAN environments. In a star topology, a central device makes many point-to-point connections to other devices. A 10BaseT hub is an example of a central device in a star topology. A bus topology uses a single connection between all devices; Ethernet 10Base5 is an example of this topology. A ring topology connects one device to the next, where the last device is connected to the first. FDDI is an example of a ring topology.
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Coaching approaches to enhance the One s self-mastery Offer support, guidance, and boundaries.
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2. In Figure S1.2, set A = 2.3, B = /3, C = , D = F = 5/2, G = 9/10.
Figure 6-13. Performance Expectations
applications simply because it covers a larger geographic area. Carrier Ethernet solutions, therefore, scale across several dimensions simultaneously:
Always wear safety goggles, gloves, and a lab apron. Phenolphthalein solution is toxic and flammable. Be sure no open flames are in the lab when phenolphthalein solution is in use. Calcium is corrosive and harmful to human tissue. Copper(II) nitrate is moderately toxic. Zinc nitrate is a severe body tissue irritant. Magnesium nitrate is a skin and eye irritant.
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