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1. The shore-power feeder conductors should be protected by multi-pole breakers. In a 120 VAC system the breakers should protect both the ungrounded (black) and the neutral (white) conductors. In any system containing either 240 VAC or 208 VAC, there should be breakers in all of the ungrounded conductors. Note that the green grounding conductor is never interrupted. 2. If there are isolation or polarization transformers in the shore-power feed, primaries should be protected by a circuit breaker that opens both primary feeders simultaneously and that is rated at no more than 125% of the primary rating. If the secondary provides 120/240 VAC, it also should be protected by a circuit breaker that opens both secondary feeders simultaneously and that is rated at no more than 125% of the rated secondary current of the transformer. 3. The maximum unprotected conductor length from boat inlet connector to circuit breaker must not exceed 10 feet. If the length is greater than 10 feet, add additional slow-blow fuses or breakers within 10 feet of the inlet. If additional fuses or circuit breakers are provided, they must be larger, but not more than 125% larger, than the main shore-power disconnect breaker. 4. The maximum unprotected conductor length from an AC generator must be less than 7 inches. However, up to 40 inches is allowed if the conductor is protected by a sheath or enclosure.
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Head Center Challenge: The What if Question What if challenges work well in situations in which the learner makes assumptions that something is important and inviolate that is, a mental model. These assumptions are part of the learner s unchallenged beliefs and paradigms. After hearing the Nine learner express an explicit or implicit assumption, the developer poses a relevant What if question. The following chart lists three common mental models for Nines, the question the developer should ask to challenge each assumption, and the ways in which the developer should respond once the Nine has answered the developer s challenge.
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It is simple to set up: you use the totals on the two sides of the balance sheet to get going. Of course, this assumes that the totals correctly include all the accounts. It is helpful to use when you are still building your balance sheet and adding new lines here and there. Because the balancing formula uses the totals of each side of the balance sheet, you do not have to tinker with the balancing formula every time you insert new accounts. So long as the new accounts flow properly into the totals, the balancing system will work. It takes a little bit of thinking to understand it, and if you use it in a model for distribution to others, expect a few questions from people asking how it works and quite possibly voicing their suspicions about the selfreferencing structure. You cannot use this approach if you need to create a cash sweep feature, which is shown in 14.
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Outsourcing Governance You cannot outsource accountability. Outsourcing is a convenient way to transfer some operations to an external organization, thereby allowing the outsourcing organization to be more agile and to improve focus on core competencies. While senior managers can transfer these activities to external organizations and even specify rewards for good performance and penalties for substandard performance, those senior managers are still ultimately accountable for the delivery of these services, whether they are outsourced or performed by internal staff. In the context of outsourcing, the role of governance is the aggregation of activities that control the work performed by external organizations. Governance activities may include Contracts The overall business relationship between the organization and its service providers should be defined in detail in legal agreements. The terms of legal agreements should define the work to be done (in general), the expectations of all parties, service levels, quality, the terms of compensation, and remedies in case expectations fail to be met. Work orders Sometimes called Statements of Work (SOWs), work orders describe in greater detail the work that is to be performed. While contracts are expected to change seldom, work orders operate in short-term intervals and are specific to currently delivered goods or services. Like contracts themselves, work orders should include precise statements regarding work output, timeliness, quality, and remedies. Service level agreements These are documents that specify service levels in terms of the quantity of work, quality, timeliness, and remedies for shortfalls in quality or quantity. Change management A formal method is needed so that changes in delivery specifications can be formally controlled. Security If the service provider has access to the organization s records or other intellectual property, the organization will require that specific security controls be in place. Quality Minimum standards for quality should be expressed in detail, so that both service provider and customer have a common understanding on the quality of work to be performed. Metrics Often the outsourcing organization will want to actively measure various aspects of the outsourced activity, in order to have short-term visibility into work output as well as the ability to understand long-term trends. Audits The outsourcing organization may require that audits of the outsourced work be performed. These audits may be performed by a competent third party (such as a public accounting firm performing a SAS70 audit for financially related services) or by the customer. Often an outsourcing organization will negotiate a right to audit clause in the contract, but will only exercise this if they suspect irregularities or issues related to the work performed.
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Displacement (cm) Velocity (cm/rad) Acceleration (cm/rad/rad) Constraint 1 0 45 90 Cam rotation angle (deg)
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public long GetLongLength(int dimension)
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Notice that when an object s edge is on, or even close to, the Grid when Snap To is turned on, you ll see a tiny blue label indicating the snap to point. You re not limited to shape edges as the origin of a snapping point; setting behavior for snapping origins is covered later in this chapter. Snapping and snapping behavior (discussed in the following section) aren t limited to the Grid. In fact, you don t even have to have the Grid turned on to snap objects to one another; you press ALT+Z and then all your objects are sticky.
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Because ob is also of type T, its type is compatible with the return type specified by GetOb( ). The ShowType( ) method displays the type of T by passing T to the typeof operator. Because a real type will be substituted for T when an object of type Gen is created, typeof will obtain type information about the actual type. The GenericsDemo class demonstrates the generic Gen class. It first creates a version of Gen for type int, as shown here:
NOTE You can increase the default timeout value for the Service Control Manager in the registry. Examine the following registry setting:
YOU TRY IT What is the derivative of the function ln( x3 + x2 )
7. When importing users and groups, you are also prompted to choose a security option. If you wish to preserve the security from the source repository, select Yes. If you only want to import the user names and group assignments but not the associated permissions, choose No. 8. The wizard asks you if you wish to enforce rights fidelity. If you want the rights in the source environment to be identical to those in the destination environment, then check this box. However, if you are consolidating environments or if you are importing objects selectively, then do not check this box, as you will want rights from multiple sources to be merged.
only one thread at a time To solve this problem, you can create a critical code section that will be executed by one and only one thread at a time. This is accomplished by lock. Its general form is shown here: lock(obj) { // critical section } Here, obj is the object on which the lock is synchronized. If one thread has already entered the critical section, then a second thread will wait until the first thread exits the critical section. When the first thread leaves the critical section, the lock is released and the second thread can be granted the lock, at which point the second thread can execute the critical section.
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