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int main() { list<int> lst; // create an empty list int i; for(i=0; i<10; i++) lst.push_back(i); cout << "List printed forward:\n"; list<int>::iterator p = lst.begin(); while(p != lst.end()) { cout << *p << " "; p++; } cout << "\n\n"; cout << "List printed backward:\n"; p = lst.end(); while(p != lst.begin()) { p--; // decrement pointer before using cout << *p << " "; } return 0; }
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Analog line Typically, an endpoint that interfaces to a standard telephone line and provides service to a traditional telephone. In most cases, the media to be received on the analog line will be an analog voice stream, though it could also be audio-encoded data from a modem, in which case the gateway shall be required to extract the data and forward it as IP packets. Announcement server access point An endpoint providing access to a single announcement. Normally, a connection to this type of endpoint will be one-way, since the requirement is for media to be sent from the announcement rather than to it. We assume that the announcement server is within the IP network and IP-based connections are to be made to it. Thus, the endpoint does not have any external circuit-switched channels or lines associated with it. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) access point An endpoint providing access to an IVR system, where prompts or announcements may be played, and responses from the listener may be acted upon. Conference bridge access point An endpoint where media streams from multiple callers may be mixed and provided back to some or all of the callers. Packet relay A specific form of conference bridge supporting only two connections. This type of endpoint will use packet transport on both connections. A typical example would be a firewall between an open and a protected network, where the media stream must pass through such a relay point rather than directly from end to end. Wiretap access point A point from which a connection is made to another endpoint for the purposes of listening to the media transmitted or received at that endpoint. Connections to a wiretap access point will be one-way only. ATM trunk-side interface An endpoint corresponding to the termination of an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) trunk, where such a trunk might be an ATM virtual circuit. Such an endpoint might be used in a gateway that provides an interface between a VoIP network on one side and a Voice over ATM network on the other.
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23.11.1 Jitter tolerance or maximum tolerable input jitter (MTIJ)
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Figure 3.4 A phase-versus-frequency graph for a commonemitter amplifier circuit.
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Here, NonStaticMeth( ) is called by staticMeth( ) through ob, which is an object of type MyClass. Because static fields are independent of any specific object, they are useful when you need to maintain information that is applicable to an entire class. Here is an example of
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Here you can see a shape applied with different feathering values, but with identical offset and opacity values.
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Although implementing IComparable for classes that you create is often the easiest way to allow objects of those classes to be sorted, you can approach the problem in a different way by using IComparer. To use IComparer, first create a class that implements IComparer, and then specify an object of that class when comparisons are required. There are two versions of IComparer: generic and non-generic. Although the way each is used is similar, there are some small differences, and each approach is examined here.
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Security system The earlier projects added some elements of security
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Disadvantages of Link State Protocols
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Marianne agreed to be coached by her manager, but she had some hesitations. Although she was appreciative that the company was showing interest in her development, she wasn t convinced that she would bene t from the experience. In addition, she wondered where she would nd the time for the development meetings. When she met with her manager, Susan, to discuss how they would proceed with the development process, Marianne became more relaxed. She found Susan to be easy to talk to and believed that Susan knew what she was doing. For her part, Susan enjoyed Marianne and was pleased that she seemed so cooperative. However, when they began to schedule the development meetings, their relationship shifted dramatically. Susan became frustrated when Marianne seemed unable to nd any time to get together in the coming two weeks. Susan wondered, Does Marianne really want to do this Marianne, on the other hand, felt that Susan had suddenly turned insistent. Marianne felt frustrated and thought, Isn t the coach supposed to accommodate the client If I m busy, then I m busy!
where SENS required sensitivity of the receiver as specified and SENSLOW the sensitivity of the receiver at 0 dB NF (for the specified SNR). NFMAX maximum noise figure that the receiver can have and still satisfy the sensitivity requirement of SENS
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Flow Control
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A. Failure to configure the Data Proxy account: Error: The account credentials provided for the application are invalid. Issue: This usually occurs because the user credentials configured to run the Data Proxy were entered incorrectly. Go back to the Configure data proxy page of the Service Configuration tool, and reenter the credentials. B. Failure to configure the Self-Service Password Reset account: Error: The account credentials provided for the application are invalid. Issue: This usually occurs because the user credentials configured to run the Self-Service Password Reset account were entered incorrectly. Go back to the Provide password reset credentials page of the Service Configuration tool and reenter the credentials. C. Failure to start the XTE Service: Several issues can cause this failure: a. The SSL Certificate name does not exactly match the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Password Manager Service machine. Error: The server process could not be started. Make sure the port is not in use. Refer to the Windows event log and Citrix XTE Server error log for more information. Issue: The only way to verify this is the problem is to look at the Citrix XTE Service error logs. Refer to the XTE Service Error Log section for more details on a resolution to an SSL server certificate/machine name mismatch. b. The Port is in use by another service (that is, IIS Admin Service). Error: The server process could not be started. Make sure the port is not in use. Refer to the Windows event log and Citrix XTE Server error log for more information. Issue: If you are unsure which program is occupying the Password Manager Service default port 443, run port monitoring software to determine what is running on the port. The typical culprit is IIS. Uninstall the IIS Service (or other web service running on 443), or choose to run the Password Manager Service on a different port. c. Credentials are incorrect. Error: The server process could not be started because the account name is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the account name specified. Issue: Go back to the Configure service page of the Service Configuration tool and reenter the account credentials for the Citrix XTE Service.
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