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ciscoasa(config)# object-group service group_ID {tcp | udp | tcp-udp} ciscoasa(config-service)# port-object eq port_name_or_number ciscoasa(config-service)# port-object range first_port last_port
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Check Color-coded Wiring
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One of the most exciting features of a delegate is its support for multicasting. In simple terms, multicasting is the ability to create a chain of methods that will be called automatically when a delegate is invoked. Such a chain is very easy to create. Simply instantiate a delegate, and then use the + or += operator to add methods to the chain. To remove a method, use or =. If the delegate returns a value, then the value returned by the last method in the list becomes the return value of the entire delegate invocation. For this reason, a delegate that will make use of multicasting will often have a void return type. Here is an example of multicasting. It reworks the preceding examples by changing the string manipulation methods return type to void and using a ref parameter to return the altered string to the caller.
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The ipv6 nd ns-interval command specifies, in milliseconds, the amount of time between the transmission of neighbor solicitation messages on the interface. If you don t change the value, the default is 1,000 milliseconds (1 second). This value can range from 1,000 to 3,600,000 milliseconds. The ipv6 nd reachable-time command specifies the dead interval period if a neighbor s solicitation message isn t seen during this period, the neighbor is considered dead. This value can range from 0 to 3,600,000 milliseconds, where 0 is the default. When set to 0, it is left up to the receiving device to set and track the dead period. To see what this value is on the appliances, use the show ipv6 interface command. In Listing 9-1, the reachable time is 30,000 milliseconds (the last line of the output). NOTE Don t define short dead intervals to discover dead neighbors, since too short a time might cause the appliance to incorrectly assume that a neighbor is dead.
In the program, notice how Gen inherits NonGen in the following declaration:
You said that C# supports three types of comments, but you only mentioned two. What is the third The third type of comment supported by C# is a documentation comment, also called an XML comment. A documentation comment uses XML tags to help you create selfdocumenting code.
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Fixed Appliances (Lines 13 28) Our xed appliances include the 12-amp water heater, 0.7-amp refrigerator, 3.5-amp battery charger, and 1amp air compressor. The rst three have a duty factor of 1.0, so we enter their amps directly. The compressor has a duty factor of only 0.10, so we enter 0.10 1.0 amp = 0.1 amp on Line 24A.
The set k consists of all points with x-coordinate equal to 4. This is the set of all points that lie 4 units to the left of the y-axis. We exhibit k in Figure 1.10. It is a vertical line.
Treatments for this condition are: Patch the surface Replace the concrete with a thicker cover Completely replace the concrete. Under drying shrinkage, the volume of the concrete decreases as the concrete cures and the water evaporates from the surface. Tension develops on the surface of the concrete. These cracks can range from singular cracks in thin narrow members, to craze or map cracking for deeper members. Singular cracks can be treated by: Epoxy injection, Flexible sealant Encasement with re ective crack control Complete replacement.
If your HV system is a heat pump system, check your manufacturer s instructions AC for details on properly configuring the thermostat and connecting it to the HV AC system s wiring.
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