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ciscoasa# show resource usage summary Resource Current Peak Limit Denied Context Syslogs [rate] 1743 2132 12000(U) 0 Summary Conns 584 763 100000(S) 0 Summary Xlates 8526 8966 93400 0 Summary Host 254 254 262144 0 Summary Conns [rate] 270 535 42200 1704 Summary Inspects [rate] 270 535 100000(S) 0 Summary U = Some contexts are unlimited and are not included in the total. S = System: Combined context limits exceed the system limit; the system limit is shown.
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Fiber length dependence. The severity of the effect of dispersion depends on the length of fiber traversed. The exact length dependence is strongly affected by how quickly optical power is exchanged between different spatial modes. Power transfer can occur within the fiber, as well as at splices and connectors. The coupling length is a measure of the length of fiber traveled between mode-coupling events. Multimode dispersion is proportional to the square root of the fiber length for lengths much greater than the coupling length. For short lengths of fiber, less than the coupling length, multimode dispersion increases proportionally to fiber length. Because single-mode fiber is usually used for long-distance transmission, and because the coupling length for graded-index multimode fiber may be greater than several kilometers, multimode dispersion usually is assumed to increase proportionally to length, and is characterized by a length-bandwidth product in units of MHz-km. The multimode dispersion of a 62.5 m core, graded-index fiber might be specified as not greater than 500 MHz-km. Testing multimode dispersion. Multimode dispersion is tested by measuring the frequency response of an amplitude-modulated laser source transmitted through a known length of fiber. The optical spectrum must be narrow enough that chromatic dispersion will not be important, so a distributed-feedback laser typically is used for measurement of graded-index fibers. Using the setup in (a) of Figure 28.14, we measure the frequency f3dB at which the modulation response is reduced by 3 dB after transmission through a fiber of length L. This corresponds to a 6 dB reduction in the electrical response because the photodiode generates a current proportional to optical power. The measured length-bandwidth product is then simply f3dB L. 28.7.2 Chromatic dispersion (CD)
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Self-Assessment Objectives
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Gen<int, int> notOK = new Gen<int, int>();
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2. Press CTRL+C and then CTRL+V to put a duplicate of the circle directly above the
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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1998 DVD Matures
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How is the contraceptive patch administered
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We already talked about how you can cut costs by using free servers and clients, like Linux, as well as free distributions of Windows Virtual Server, Hyper-V, or VMware. But there are also reduced costs across your organization. If you reduce the number of physical servers you use, then you save money on hardware, cooling, and electricity. You also reduce the number of network ports, console video ports, mouse ports, and rack space. Some of the savings you realize include Increased hardware utilization by as much as 70 percent Decreased hardware and software capital costs by as much as 40 percent Decreased operating costs by as much as 70 percent
Coaxial Cable Systems and Networks
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