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Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR), specified in RFC 2050, is an extension to VLSM and route summarization. With VLSM, you can summarize subnets back to the Class A, B, or C network boundary. For example, if you have a Class C network and subnet it with a 26-bit mask, you have created four subnets. Using VLSM and summarization, you can summarize these four subnets back to CIDR takes this one step further and allows you to summarize a block of contiguous Class A, B, and/or C network numbers. This practice is commonly referred to as supernetting. Today s classless protocols support supernetting. However, it is most commonly configured by ISPs on the Internet who use BGP as a routing protocol. Figure 8-7 shows an example of CIDR. In this example, a router is connected to four Class C networks:,,, and The router is summarizing these routes into a single entry: Table 8-1 illustrates the bits that are in common in this example. In the first 2 bytes, all bits in the four networks match (192.168). In the third octet, the first 6 bits match, totaling
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illustrations to explain how the different protocols fit together. We will not, however, describe the detailed syntax of the protocols and for good reason. As is the case for many ITU-T recommendations, H.323 signaling is specified using Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (ASN.1). Although this syntax is eminently suitable for interpretation by software tools and is in fact a formalized language, it is certainly not overly friendly to the human reader. Explaining the syntax of the protocols in detail would require a great deal of ASN.1 syntax in this book and a tutorial on the interpretation of the syntax. Such material would most likely clutter the text and detract from the main objective, which is to explain the functionality offered and how the protocols support that functionality. Consequently, little ASN.1 syntax is included here; instead, we provide a textual description.
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Geometric Parameter
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Inter-regional Support of Ethernet Services over Any L2 Transport
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Figure 3.106 The output power of a single MMIC compared to two paralleled MMICs.
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1. Measuring and Using Numbers a. What was the mass of naphthalene, in kilograms, used in Part B
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
Relatively simple (fewer connections over a small area) and easily managed
WLAN Implementation
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
Pansonic Document Imaging Company
The Import dialog lets you choose to crop before importing, and other options can help you flatten layered images and retain color profiles.
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