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Frame Relay, using VCs, has an advantage over leased lines in this regard. VCs are not associated with any particular time slots on the channelized T1 connection. With Frame Relay, any time slot can be used to send traffic. This means that each VC to a destination has the potential to use the full bandwidth of the T1, which provides much more flexibility. For example, if the RemoteE site has a brief bump in its traffic from 64 Kbps to 128 Kbps, and there is free bandwidth on the T1, the central router can use the free bandwidth on the T1 to accommodate the extra bandwidth required to get traffic to RemoteE. Another advantage of Frame Relay is that it is much simpler to add new connections once the physical circuit has been provisioned. Consider Figure 26-2 as an example. If these were leased-line connections, and you wanted to set up a separate leased line between RemoteA and RemoteB, it might take four to eight weeks for the carrier to install the new leased line! With Frame Relay and VCs, since these two routers already have a physical connection into the provider running Frame Relay, the carrier needs to add only a VC to its configuration to tie the two sites together this can easily be done in a day or two. This fact provides a lot of flexibility to meet your network s requirements, especially if your traffic patterns change over time.
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Making a Solubility Curve
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Designing and Building a Security System
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Part I:
To take this a step further, Frame Relay is faster than the older networking X.25 and meets the demands of the older applications from a user s perspective. Very few applications today need a full 50 Mbps speed, but the 1.544 Mbps speeds and below are very robust and ubiquitous. This makes Frame Relay attractive also from a pricing perspective. The primary applications used with Frame Relay are SNA internetworking for mainframes and LAN to LAN connections across the WAN. Other services, such as remote access and internetworking between major corporations and their branch and small offices, are well suited for Frame Relay. The use of Frame services also fits well in the smaller corporate networks, but only scales to certain sizes before congestion and addressing become problematic. Although well deployed around the world, Frame Relay is primarily suited for the small- to mid-sized corporate network. When the network has to grow to tens of thousands of nodes, Frame Relay may run out of capacity and capability very quickly. Moreover, Frame Relay is already in place so it is used more heavily. Figure 12-1 is a graphic representation of the use of Frame Relay in the WAN by carriers and end-users alike. In this graphic, the Frame Relay switches are deployed in the carriers networks, whereas the routers on a LAN use the Frame Relay protocols. This allows the interconnectivity across the WAN in a straightforward and cost efficient manner. Frame Relay is also well suited for the bursty traffic typified across the LAN to WAN networks.
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Centralized control Centralized management and monitoring tools put IT organizations in control of their application delivery infrastructure. The result is more control, less downtime, and a better user experience. Application compatibility Citrix XenApp addresses the needs of today s heterogeneous IT environments with technologies that ensure applications can work together in a secure manner on a variety of OS platforms. Application virtualization technologies allow the IT administrator to control where and how applications are deployed to provide the best access experience for the end user. Optimized user experience IT organizations need to support and manage a wide range of client-attached devices, network types, and access scenarios while still providing users with the best usability and performance available. Citrix XenApp provides a set of technologies that provide significant productivity and performance enhancements for server-based applications. This results in higher user satisfaction and eased support requirements for IT.
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