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Data Sources and Scorecards Creating and Modifying KPIs Reports and Strategy Maps Dashboards Putting it All Together Summary
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Taken as an overall measure of the business, however, what is the answer if an executive asks, How is our gross profit margin According to this scorecard, it s slightly off target, which points to the yellow indicator. However, there can be more to it than just looking at the scores of the items below it. Not all child KPIs may be as critical as others. Scorecard developers can change the weighting of different KPIs by right-clicking on the name column of a particular KPI in the scorecard and then choosing Properties. This opens the KPI View Settings dialog box and the first option is the Score Rollup Weight, as shown in Figure 5-20. Assume that management has decided to focus mostly on Internet sales and downplay the reseller channel. Therefore, they want the Internet Gross Profit Margin to carry five times more weight than the Reseller Gross Profit Margin KPI when the score is being determined. Changing the score rollup weight from one to five while leaving the reseller score at one now results in the score for the objective moving from 39.6% to 60.8%, as can be seen in the background of Figure 5-20.
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6.3.8 Details of Rating Methods
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How Electric Vehicles Can Help
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MPLS in the access
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For potential entrepreneurs who are wondering how you can gauge emerging technologies in a chaotic industry, this case study illustrates that the process is often more intuitive than it is analytical. One of the noteworthy aspects of the DVD technology is the entrepreneurial possibilities of the medium. When did you rst realize you could create a business around this medium Clearly the thing that we have tapped into with DVD anyway is the storage capacity. It just holds so damn much. What makes it the right time for it is that simultaneously there has been this huge interest in this whole concept of video-on-demand. It has unbelievable hype and it has had it for years and years and years (and through hundreds of millions of dollars of trials), but they still can t seem to nail it because movies are so huge. There is no easy way to get them down over an Internet connection or over a phone line or over cable, in terms of one to one delivery. One of the things that DVD has enabled for us is a near-video on demand alternative. What we do: rather than trying to solve the problem of how do we get a movie from a central location to a customer, we don t try to solve that with a phone line or try to solve it with satellite or with any of the other alternatives that everyone is playing with for video on demand. We choose to ship it to them on a piece of plastic. That, I think, is the biggest advantage that DVD gave to us. Originally, the idea for the business was DVD agnostic. It was just a way to make the concept of video rental better. And, it wasn t really until we began to hear about DVD s imminent launch, we realized that this was an enabling device for something even bigger. Which is: getting people any movie they wanted any time they wanted. And having this thing be small enough and light enough that they could actually use a truck to get it that last mile rather than a phone line. It sounds as though you were exploring a number of different opportunities and it was just an ideal time for DVD. Was that a tough decision considering that the DVD market has been in ux for years Well, certainly. Part of the nature of being entrepreneurial is that you need to leap off a cliff before you have a very clear view of what lies at the bottom of it. And certainly the leap that we took for DVD was extremely early. When we launched, DVD was still in test markets in just a limited number of cities and even when we had of cially incorporated the com-
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choice as it is the media gateway control protocol of the future. Should we use external signaling gateways (SGs) with Sigtran between media gateway controllers (MGCs) and SFs or should we deploy MGCs that support Signaling System 7 (SS7) directly In many cases, we will find that we need to make a trade-off between what we would ideally like and what vendors can provide at a good price. For example, we might want MEGACO, but the overall best-value vendor solution might support only MGCP in the near-term. Similarly, we might want to deploy SGs, but the overall best solution on the market might include SS7 links directly on the MGC. In such cases, the agreement with the vendor should include a commitment by the vendor to implement the desired functionality within a specific time period. Later in this chapter we delve further into the issues surrounding product and vendor selection. In the meantime, let s assume that our solution will use MEGACO between MGCs and media gateways (MGs) and the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) between MGCs. Let s also assume that we use separate signaling gateways, with SS7 MTP3-User Adaptation Layer (M3UA) over Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) between the MGCs and the SGs.
Testing at level two. Since level two information is created on a link-by-link basis, level two problems are confined to the link on which they occur and do not propagate through the network. Level two hardware is well established, so failures in a working network are most likely to have a physical cause and can be cured by card replacement. Testing at level three. Level three problems are likely to be more subtle. They can be caused by software defects or by errors in routing tables. Traffic might be misrouted, messages might be lost or sent to the wrong destination, and, in the case of erroneous management messages, working parts of the network might shut down unnecessarily. Level three test equipment must decode the relevant message octets, search for particular messages, and filter data being captured to concentrate on problem routes. A protocol analyzer that can decode the 1s and 0s of the SS7 bit stream in terms of the protocol definitions and produce the English-language octet descriptions and mnemonics can make a major contribution in this type of testing. Testing at level four and above. These are the most complex parts of the SS7 messages; it is at these levels that messages combine to form sequences and provide services. At level three, sophisticated protocol analysis is essential. At these levels, the capability to trace the sequences of messages, which set up a call or fetch data from a database, is invaluable in tracking down many problems. Many problems appear only at high load levels; emulation testing, which can produce typical message sequences surrounded by varying load levels, is required to probe networks and Signaling Points to detect any load-related problems.
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