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version of Hashtable is called Dictionary. Also, the specific contents of the various interfaces and classes contain minor reorganizations, with some functionality shifting from one interface to another, for example. However, overall, if you understand the non-generic collections, then you can easily use the generic collections. In general, the generic collections work in the same way as the non-generic collections with the exception that a generic collection is type-safe. Thus, a generic collection can store only items that are compatible with its type argument. Therefore, if you want a collection that is capable of storing unrelated, mixed types, you should use one of the non-generic classes. However, for all cases in which a collection is storing only one type of object, then a generic collection is your best choice. The generic collections are defined by a set of interfaces and the classes that implement those interfaces. Each is described by the following sections.
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Selecting the Lookup Relationship data type allows you to link data for two objects.
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Clarify the Technologies Employed
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/* Throwing an exception from a function called from within a try block. */ #include <iostream> using namespace std; void Xtest(int test) { cout << "Inside Xtest, test is: " << test << "\n"; if(test) throw test; } int main() { cout << "start\n"; try { // start a try block cout << "Inside try block\n"; Xtest(0); Xtest(1); Xtest(2); } catch (int i) { // catch an error cout << "Caught an exception -- value is: "; cout << i << "\n"; } cout << "end"; return 0; }
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Fundamental to Internet programming is the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). A URI describes the location of some resource on the network. A URI is also commonly called a URL, which is short for Uniform Resource Locator. Because Microsoft uses the term URI when describing the members of System.Net, this book will do so, too. You are no doubt familiar with URIs because you use one every time you enter an address into your Internet browser. A URI has the following general form: Protocol://ServerID/FilePath Query Protocol specifies the protocol being used, such as HTTP. ServerID identifies the specific server, such as or FilePath specifies the path to a specific file. If FilePath is not specified, the default page at the specified ServerID is obtained. Finally, Query specifies information that will be sent to the server. Query is optional. In C#, URIs are encapsulated by the Uri class, which is examined later in this chapter.
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Regular pigment network (boxes) Homogeneous red color (stars) Lacunae (circles)
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Enterprises End Customer Benefits
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Figure 19-8. Load balancing Access Gateways with NetScaler Application Switches
SpeakerCraft amplifier with eight outputs
show eigrp [AS_#] interfaces [logical_if_name] [detail] show eigrp [AS_#] neighbors [logical_if_name] show eigrp [AS_#] topology show eigrp [AS_#] traffic
Although cam synthesis problems in which the cam is constrained by the application to satisfy 20 kinematic conditions are rare, the capacity of the spline method to accommodate a large number of constraints is still important. It enables the designer to introduce constraints, in addition to those that are prescribed by the application, to obtain desirable qualitative characteristics in the follower motion. For example, it might be desired to ensure continuity of higher derivatives at the boundaries of a rise to improve the dynamic behavior (Wiederrich, 1981; Chew et al., 1983). In such a case constraints on jerk and the derivatives of jerk could be imposed at the boundary. Splines of a suitable order would have to be used, but the number of added constraints would not pose a problem. The addition of constraints to tune the motion to a speci c need can easily yield a large array of constraints that cannot be reliably handled by other techniques. As illustrated by the series of examples above, the spline approach to cam synthesis affords a systematic procedure that is versatile enough to accomplish many tasks that ordinarily require a variety of techniques. This approach can be conveniently used to satisfy the requirements of routine cam synthesis problems while remaining versatile enough to handle some cases that are very dif cult by any other means. Implementation
// extern alias statements must be at the top of the file. extern alias Asm1; extern alias Asm2; using System; class Demo { static void Main() { Asm1::MyNS.MyClass t = new Asm1::MyNS.MyClass(); Asm2::MyNS.MyClass t2 = new Asm2::MyNS.MyClass(); } }
the status of connections. To do this, OSI Network layer (layer 3) messages are used. In the interchange shown here, the user requests status from the network using in-channel signaling procedures.
Basic Troubleshooting
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