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SHDSL (G.991.2) 2001 E-SHDSL (G.991.2.bis) 2004 VDSL (G.993.1) 2004
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Figure 23.1 Deriving the jitter function.
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1. Copy Help.cs to a new file called Help2.cs. 2. Change the portion of the program that displays the choices so that it uses the loop
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to a DVD disc, but neither CDs nor DVDs are infallible. If a DVD disc is damaged, you lose almost 5 gigabytes (GB) of images. If a CD disc goes bad, you lose only 700 megabytes (MB) of images.
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Another key Blu-ray feature is local storage, which can range from built-in 64 MB of flash memory up to a multi-gigabyte hard drive. And, removable flash memory and network storage are options that players can support in addition to or instead of the built-in storage. Local storage allows information and content to be saved between playback sessions. In contrast, with DVD, as soon as you eject a disc from the player, all memory associated with that disc is cleared. As a result, there is no way to distinguish the first time a disc is played from the hundredth time. If you were playing a DVD video game and just reached your highest score, it would be forgotten by the player the moment the disc was removed. However, with Blu-ray s local storage feature, the player will be able to save your score so that it is remembered the next time you insert the disc. Local storage can have other interesting uses, as well, many of which improve the way discs work. For example, multi-disc box sets are very popular. Whenever it is necessary to eject one disc and load another, the local storage can be used to save information about what to do when the new disc is loaded, and the unbound BD-J application can continue to run during the disc change. It is possible for each disc to have a complete menu for the set, so that when something is selected that is on another disc, the menu can ask the viewer to insert the appropriate disc, and when the other disc is inserted it can automatically check local storage to see if it should jump immediately to the chosen point, bypassing logo sequences, warning screens, menus, and such. Local storage can also be used to store disc status information. A producer creates a disc with many different elements and it may be helpful for the viewer to keep track of which elements have already been viewed, even across multiple sessions. For example, imagine an exercise program in which the disc helps you set up an ideal workout session with appropriate time assigned to different exercises, mapped out over a period of months. The disc can
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Battery 72" max.
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Digital Systems
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accept and send RIPv1 only accept and send RIPv2 only use a combination of the two, depending on your interface configuration
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Columnar epithelium
Words shown in boldface in the text can be found in this Glossary. (Not all words in the Glossary are in all cases indicated by boldface in the text, however.)
// Add a method to Building. using System; class Building { public int Floors; // number of floors public int Area; // total square footage of building public int Occupants; // number of occupants // Display the area per person. public void AreaPerPerson() { Console.WriteLine(" " + Area / Occupants + " area per person"); } } // Use the AreaPerPerson() method. class BuildingDemo { static void Main() { Building house = new Building(); Building office = new Building();
In 3, we discussed the importance of doing an in-depth infrastructure assessment. The project management team needs to review that assessment again, factoring in the results from the surveys. Deficiencies in the network infrastructure that were tolerated in a PC-based computing environment are likely to be disastrous once users depend on the corporate data center for all their processing. Any infrastructure deficiencies must be resolved prior to the migration to an application delivery solution. Both equipment and human resources must be secured for the upgrades and for the project implementation.
Laboratory Manual
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