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Usually a few hundred meters 10s, 100s, or even 1000s of miles but typically less than a mile Service Provider (carrier, Cable Multi-Service Operator, and so on) owns the MAN/WAN infrastructure, which is comprised of transport/higher layer equipment). Service Providers deliver services/applications to end users typically enterprises (and residential customers) over this (shared) infrastructure for an initial and a recurring monthly price. The price, depending on the Service Provider and competitive factors, entails separate charges for the application/service, bandwidth, physical access, associated Service-Level Agreement guarantees, etc.
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This chapter focuses on an overview of MPF and on generally how MPF is implemented. Subsequent chapters in Part III will focus on the particulars of how MPF is implemented for different protocols and applications and on some of the enhanced security capabilities that MPF provides you.
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In the preceding sections, we talked about some specific sensors and their installation that help prevent water damage caused by overflowing toilets, washing machines, and water heaters. These are very useful devices that alert you to a problem (via an audible alarm). However, if you want a sensor that is more integrated into your entire Smart Home, you ll need to connect a water sensor that is either powered via X10 or connected to your Smart Home security system. The WaterBug sensor, shown in Figure 10-8, sells for US$59.95 and comes with one sensor. However, up to five additional sensors can be added to the unit. Additional sensors sell for US$17.99. WaterBug also sells a sensor that can be located under carpeting and retails for US$25.99.
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Demodulation of Paging Channel in AWGN Demodulation of Forward Traffic Channel in AWGN Demodulation of Forward Traffic Channel in Multipath Fading Channel
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Enabling NDS Support in the Citrix Presentation Server Farm
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/* MiniCrawler: A skeletal Web crawler. Usage: To start crawling, specify a starting URI on the command line. For example, to start at, use this command line: MiniCrawler */ using System; using System.Net; using System.IO; class MiniCrawler { // Find a link in a content string. static string FindLink(string htmlstr, ref int startloc) { int i; int start, end; string uri = null; string lowcasestr = htmlstr.ToLower(); i = lowcasestr.IndexOf("href=\"http", startloc); if(i != -1) { start = htmlstr.IndexOf( " , i) + 1; end = htmlstr.IndexOf( " , start); uri = htmlstr.Substring(start, end-start); startloc = end; }
ources of Robot Parts
12V Battery
Integrated Services Digital Network 204 Wide Area Networks Purpose: to establish, maintain or terminate an ISDN layer 1 link
PatienfTablel (ProvNo, ProvSpecialty) PatientTable2 (VisitNo, VisitDate, PatNo, PatAge, PatCity, PatZip) PatientTable3 (VisitNo. ProvNo, Diagnosis) FOREIGN KEY (VisitNo) REFERENCES PatientTable2 FOREIGN KEY (ProvNo) REFERENCES PatientTablel
Next, the program reads the data from and displays it on the screen. Because there is a lot of information, the display pauses every 400 characters and waits for you to press enter. This way the first part of the information won t simply scroll off the screen. Notice that the characters are read using ReadByte( ). Recall that this method returns the next byte from the input stream as an int, which must be cast to char. It returns 1 when the end of the stream has been reached. Finally, the response is closed by calling Close( ) on resp. Closing the response stream automatically closes the input stream, too. It is important to close the response between each request. If you don t, it is possible to exhaust the network resources and prevent the next connection. Before leaving this example, one other important point needs to be made: It was not actually necessary to use an HttpWebRequest or HttpWebResponse object to display the hypertext received from the server. Because the preceding program did not use any HTTPspecific features, the standard methods defined by WebRequest and WebResponse were sufficient to handle this task. Thus, the calls to Create( ) and GetResponse( ) could have been written like this:
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