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Notwithstanding the reasonable maturity and fairly significant size of ATM and Frame Relay deployments in Service Provider networks, Ethernet came across as a very plausible candidate for delivering data services in the Access and MAN and also the WAN. As demand surged for bandwidth, ATM and frame-based networks were ill equipped to support the broadband41 applications driving the bandwidth. Ethernet, with its periodic ten fold increase in bandwidth, began to seem like an attractive alternative to duplicating ATM equipment. Furthermore, most of the applications driving the bandwidth were based on the Internet Protocol (IP) and were especially well suited for Ethernet access and transport (IP devices such as routers typically have Ethernet interfaces). In addition, Ethernet, in line with its heritage in the LAN, continued to innovate and improve its capabilities, and consequently, as it had done so many times in the past (as noted previously, with token-based technologies in the LAN), Ethernet surpassed its competition on other aspects as well. The many key reasons for considering Ethernet beyond the LAN are discussed next.
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Bit rate (fb), kbps 1,544 2,048 34,368 44,736 139,264
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double-helical DNA with one or more breaks in one or more strands is called nicked duplex DNA (ndDNA). If both strands are broken, as long as the breaks are not directly across from one another and conditions are favorable for a double helix to form, then the molecule will remain circular. The fact that a ndDNA will spontaneously relax (the writhe will spontaneously go to zero) is indicative of the fact that there is energy bound up in the superhelix. Once we remove the structural constraint of holding the ends of the double helix in place (by being covalently attached to one another), then the molecule is free to seek a lower Gibbs energy value. In the case of a negatively superhelical closed duplex DNA, unwinding the double helix will initially reduce the writhe (as we saw in Fig. 10-22). The energy of that writhe can contribute to unwinding the double helix. This means that unwinding base pairs in a negatively superhelical DNA is easier (requires less energy from the outside) than it is in a linear or ndDNA. The opposite is true for positive superhelical DNA. Unwinding base pairs in positively supercoiled DNA increases superhelicity; this makes it more difficult to unwind the DNA further.
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Figure 7.18 shows a multimeter being used to measure AC voltage. The meter employs the same internal circuitry to measure and display both AC and DC voltages, except that the AC voltage is rst recti ed by an internal diode bridge. In some multimeters the positive test lead must be switched to a separate AC jack that feeds the diode bridge. Attempting to measure AC volts on a DC volts setting will do no harm but will likely result in a reading of 0 volts, since the numerical average of AC voltage is zero.
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Frequency Synthesizer Design
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thought. I have a logical mind and I expected other people to approach things using the same logical series of steps I would take. It wasn t until I finally saw some off-the-street gamers pounding away in chaotic randomness on an early build of my first game that I finally, truly got the reality of non-linear thinking. To write effectively for this non-linear medium, a writer must be able to look at any piece of story or dialogue from a hundred different directions, constantly asking the prime question, What if Christy Marx, Freelance Writer
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Transporting Voice by Using IP
The protection of information-related assets is the cornerstone of information security management. Flowing out of IT governance and risk management, information security management is a top-down set of coordinated activities whose key objective is the protection of information systems and other information-related assets.
If you want to open a file for writing with the name test, then you could write
that code was not type-safe and its misuse could result in runtime exceptions. Generics prevent this from occurring. In essence, through generics, what were once runtime errors have become compile-time errors. This is a major advantage.
would first click on Connect... from the File menu. This opens the Connect dialog box. The name of the Planning server is entered in the Select a Server text box using the format - http://<Server Name>:46787/. In our example, this would be http:// PerfPointServer:46787//, as shown in Figure 7-9. After entering the Planning Server connect string, clicking on the Connect button will connect the Planning Business Modeler client tool to the Planning Server specified by the connect string. This will also retrieve the list of applications and model sites stored in that Planning server. As you may recall from the section on Planning Administration Console earlier in this chapter, you have already created an application called Budget and a root model site called Budget, as shown in Figure 7-3. For the purposes of the example in this chapter, you will select the Budget application from the Select an Application: list box, and then highlight the Budget model site from the Select a Model Site: list box, as shown in Figure 7-9.
For a list of devices used during the testing of the TWAIN Redirection feature, refer to the Tested Hardware list found in Volume 2 of the Internal Advanced Concepts Guide.
57.33 Vehicle Speed
Folder redirection is a new feature of Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 operating systems (OSs), and is implemented using Group Policy Objects and Active Directory. Folder redirection uses Group Policies to define a location for folders that are part of the user profile. Four folders may be redirected using folder redirection: My Documents Application Data Desktop Start Menu
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