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These devices plug into a USB port and have capacities as high as 4 GB. Transfer the files from your computer to your removable flash drive. After safely removing the device from your system, you can connect it to a USB port on another computer and transfer your files. The image to the right shows a 1-GB removable flash drive.
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Figure 33.1 A simplified view of a telephone network infrastructure. Even a simple telephone call re-
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a Not an absolute limit but a practical limit below which presentation quality is too poor b DTS core rates include 768, 960, 1152, 1344 and 1509 kbps. c The compressed rate of DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD is heavily dependent on the source material. Values
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Amplifier Design
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Web Intelligence has a flexible document structure that allows you to view and interact with different data sets in multiple ways. A document is more than just a report and contains the following components: One or more universes that are typically SQL queries that extract information from a data warehouse or other data source. New in XI Release 2 is that these universes also include access to OLAP databases such as Hyperion Essbase, Microsoft Analysis Services, or SAP BW. A result set in which the results of the queries are stored as a microcube that allow for drilling and slicing and dicing. One or more formatted reports. Figure 18-1 contains two reports tabs: Product Sales By Year and Store Sales. Each report may be on a different universe or query, or they all may be based on the same query. Each report may contain multiple blocks such as a chart, table, or crosstab. These blocks can all come from the same query but provide different perspectives on the data, or they may come from different universes and queries. One report may have multiple report types. For example, the report Product Sales By Year shown in Figure 18-1 shows two blocks: a crosstab and a pie chart. Figure 18-2 gives a conceptual overview of a document that is made up of two data sources: a universe that accesses a data warehouse and a second universe that accesses a departmental database. The document contains three reports, two that are tabular reports with a view to each result set and a third that displays a chart with data from both result sets. In many documents, you may have only one query, one result set, and one report. Alternatively, you may have one query, one result set, and multiple reports. Each report tab may contain a view with the full data set but in a different block type such as table, crosstab, or chart. Alternatively, each report may contain a limited number of columns or rows of data as you remove variables and apply filters. The structure of the Web Intelligence document allows you to explore information from multiple perspectives without ever having to requery the database. Similarly, the microcube technology allows you to seamlessly combine information from multiple data sources into one report, even if you don t have a central data warehouse.
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Set the power-saving mode to the shortest data matrix
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Brad was pleased with his revision. It ended up being a lot more concise than the previous version. There are now 196 words and fteen sentences, so my average sentence length is just over thirteen words. My Empathy Index was good, too. I had only two references to myself, but there were eight references to the corporation or the committee members; that s a score of positive six.
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Operating System W2K3 W2K3
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Fig. 1.59
Fully supported Up to 255 nodes and millions of end users Fully supported Backbone bridging required Fully supported Partially supported Hundreds
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OK to apply your new outline style; it will be at the bottom of the drop-down list, and as with the preset styles, there is no name for custom styles you search by the look of the saved thumbnail. The line style you created is now applied to the object. Read the text in the Style editor, below the pattern generator area, to avoid an attention box if you ve designed something that falls out of the range of acceptable designs and/or values! If the pattern applied to a path doesn t exactly match its length for example, the pattern is longer than the path it s applied to you might see a seam, especially when applying outline styles to closed paths (as shown next). There are two ways to cure the problem. One is to go back to the Style editor and increase or decrease the length of the pattern; this is a trial-and-error edit, but it doesn t change the path to which the style is applied. The other method (a desperate measure) is to lengthen the path by using the Shape Tool, or to scale the path by using the Pick Tool. In either of these edits, you change your design, so editing the length or the style is usually the best way to avoid seams in an applied style.
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