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Operator + * / Description Addition operator Subtraction operator Multiplication operator Division operator Sample =[Number of guests] + [Future guests] =[Revenue] 10 =[Revenue] * .06 =[Revenue] / [Number of guests]
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Virtual Private Networks
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2.5 Further Reading
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How to Get a Job Making Video Games
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Success Redirection
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Fig. 8-1 A circuit with a voltage source v s (t), inductor L , and capacitor C in series.
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The #line directive is used to change the contents of _ _LINE_ _ and _ _FILE_ _, which are predefined macro names. _ _LINE_ _ contains the line number of the line currently being compiled, and _ _FILE_ _ contains the name of the file being compiled. The basic form of the #line command is #line number filename Here, number is any positive integer, and the optional filename is any valid file identifier. The line number becomes the number of the current source line, and the filename becomes the name of the source file. #line is primarily used for debugging purposes and for special applications. For example, the following program specifies that the line count will begin with 200. The cout statement displays the number 202 because it is the third line in the program after the #line 200 statement.
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Internet Access Fundamentals
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NOTE If you are familiar with C/C++, then it will help to know that a delegate in C# is similar to a
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
A.K.A CASSIUS CLAY * * > Documentary Heavyweight boxing champ Muhammad Ali speaks, visits comic Stepin Fetchit and appears in fight footage. (PG, 1:25) (AS, L, V) 70 (Esp.) TMC June 1 6:15am; 6 2:30pm; 19 6:20am, TMC-W June 1 9:15am; 6 5:30pm; 10 9:20am ABANDON SHIFT * * * Adventure Short rations from a sunken liner force the officer of a packed lifeboat to sacrifice the weak. Tyrone
NOTE Use the paradoxical challenge only with moderate to high selfmastery Fives; low self-mastery individuals may not be psychologically stable enough to handle the ambiguity inherent in paradoxes.
Cisco ASA Configuration
Here, the expression j => j specifies that the ordering is dependent on the input parameter, which is an element from the sequence obtained from Where( ). Here is an example that demonstrates the GroupBy( ) method. It reworks the group example shown earlier.
In 1, I asserted, . . . with Ohm s Law, you will be able to understand, predict, and troubleshoot 90% of the electrical problems on a boat. Let me amend that gure to 99%. You will recall that Ohm s Law allows us to calculate the theoretical relationships between the voltages, currents, and resistances in a circuit. What if there were instruments we could plug into a circuit that would show us the actual values of voltage, current, and resistance By comparing the theoretical and actual values, we would nd that either: (1) reality agreed with theory and all was well in the circuit, or (2) reality disagreed with theory and there was something wrong in the circuit. There are instruments that measure volts, amps, and ohms, and using them to compare reality with theory is what we call troubleshooting. This chapter describes the instruments and their use. rotate about its bearing. The needle attached to the coil displays the rotation against the scale in the background. In order that the ammeter be able to measure small currents, the meter movement is very delicate. The moving coil consists of many turns of ne wire, the springs are hair springs similar to those in a windup watch, and the coil pivots on jewel bearings. Typically, 50 A (50 10 6 A or 0.000050 amp) de ects the needle full scale. But the currents we are interested in typically range from 0.1 to 100 amps about one million times 50 A. You can imagine what would happen if we tried to measure the 50-amp charging current in our battery leads with the 50 A meter of Figure 2.1. How can we modify our 50 A ammeter to measure 50 amps Ohm s Law to the rescue! Although a perfect ammeter would offer zero resistance to the current owing through it, real ammeters are made of real wire and so have a nite resistance. Figure 2.2 shows the resistance, RC, of our ammeter coil with full-scale current of 50 A owing through it. In parallel with the meter we place a shunt whose resistance, RS, is 10 6 (one-millionth) of RC. Since the voltage across both RS and RC is the same, Ohm s Law predicts that IS = 106 (one million) IC, or 50 amps.
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