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Bit Error Rate Often shortened to BER; indicates the number of bit errors that occur in proportion to the number of correctly processed bits. Bit Error Rates for most CD-ROM applications are in the range of 1 error per 1012 bits. Bits Per Pixel Sometimes referred to as color depth, the number of bits per pixel de nes the maximum color variations available for each pixel that appears onscreen. 8bit color allows 256 individual colors. 16-bit color allows 65,536 colors, and so on. Block Error Rate Often shortened to BLER; indicates the number of blocks in which an error was detected in proportion to the overall number of blocks processed. Book A The basic speci cation for the physical format that applies to DVD discs; this speci cation forms the basis for the DVD-ROM. Book B The speci cation that de nes the format of DVD-Video discs. Book C The speci cation that de nes the format of DVD-Audio discs. Book D The speci cation that de nes the format of DVD-R (write-once). Book E The speci cation that de nes the format of rewritable versions of DVD. Buffer A temporary storage area used to compensate for differences in the data transfer rates of two devices. The buffer
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We stripped the robot down and shipped it to the TLC studios in seven different boxes. I decided to send it priority overnight a day before the last drop-dead day, which turned out to be a good thing because we had a major earthquake that brought everything to a standstill two days later. Luckily, the airport reopened the day before I was to leave for California, and I was able to get a flight. Dave and I arrived at the studio about 4:00 in the afternoon. We spent that evening watching the previous contestants compete, getting interviewed for TV, and reassembling the robot. Finally, we got to bed about 3:00 in the morning. Four hours later, we went back to the studio for the weigh-in. Figure 14-16 shows a picture of the robot at the weigh-in. I was originally targeting the robot to weigh around 100 to 120 pounds, but the robot came in at a svelt 198 pounds. A bit heavier than I thought, but it was still under the 212 pounds max weight limit. Because Robotica invited more robots to the show than they needed (in case of any no-shows), they had to come up with a qualification round to narrow the number of robots to 24. The first part of the qualification round was to go around the figure-8 course twice and get timed for the run. When our turn came, we put the robot in the arena and it took off. Figure 14-17 shows Live Wires coming around the first bend in the course. At this point, the robot started having problems. One side of the bot stopped working so it started going around in circles. This was a rather disconcerting experience. After the time expired, we gathered up
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By design, Frame Relay is focused on eliminating several of the older networking problems, yet in reality it does more to move the responsibility to others than to solve any of the older network problems. What it does, however, is come up with a streamlined type of communications transmission system, eliminating the older overhead. In the original days of data communications, networks were highly unreliable, yet today newer networks are very reliable due to the increased use of fiber in the backbone networks. Consequently, the entire older overhead dealing with error recovery is somewhat superficial. Frame Relay can eliminate this overhead and use the saved capacity to carry more data. Frame Relay also assumes that if an error occurs, the higher-level protocols at the end-user level will be intelligent enough to correct the problem or request a retransmission. This can be a variable, depending on the implementation and what the end user is willing to pay for these services.
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After you ve done all your research gone through those parts catalogs, know the rules, and are sure of the weight class you want your robot to compete in the next phase is coming up with the design sketch. You don t need heavy-duty engineering computer aided design (CAD) software to create a basic design sketch. Our work was done on an artist s sketchpad and on notebook paper. The average builder won t have AutoCAD on his or her home PC, and it isn t necessary if you plan a simple robot design. The photographs of my lightweight entry Chew Toy (Figures 14-1 and 14-2) show its simple design. Chewie is a basic robot all the essential parts, such as the motors, batteries, and major weapons, were not that hard to lay out and assemble. The robot s conception came out of the hypothesis, If I could use only a surplus store s catalog to get parts to build my robot, what would I design In reality, I use a lot more sources for parts. However, I was curious. Could I come up with an effective design by pretending I was limited in parts availability As you can see, Chew Toy has a simple structure. It relies heavily on its 3.5-hp, four-stroke motor and those rather evil sharp saws to do its battle damage. The
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STP is used to prevent these problems from occurring. STP removes loops in your network but still allows for redundancy. Actually, the loop removal process is done in software you don t have to disconnect wires between your switches physically to remove the loops. 14 focuses on redundancy in more depth, including the STP protocol.
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For the cubic 2-3 polynomial follower motion, the boundary conditions are: when q = 0, y = 0, y = 0 q = 1, y = 1, y = 0. The cubic polynomial is employed y = C0 + C1q + C2q 2 + C3q 3 The rst derivative is the velocity y = C1 + 2C2q + 3C3q 2 Subsituting the four boundary conditions into the polynomial equation and solving these equations, we obtain the coef cients:
Figure 13-3 shows all the measurements described above. A few typographic elements have characters not found in a digital typeface, but instead are built by CorelDRAW and other applications. For example, an underscored character, used a lot in legal documents, in CorelDRAW is built from any typeface: you select the character(s) to be underscored, click the Underline button on the Property Bar, and you re done. Similarly, if you need a Superscript or Subscript character (see illustration below), CorelDRAW builds one from any font. However, a Superscript is a special treatment of a character, and you need to first choose the character s glyph node with the Shape Tool (not the Pick or the Text Tool). Then the Super and Subscript buttons appear on the Property Bar and you re home free.
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