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Figure 18-1. Easy VPN connection modes print barcode labels
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Views, Zooming, Navigating Your Work
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3.5.1 Bridges Not Located on Rivers
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As mentioned earlier, Provide Bridge Transport (PBT) can provide deterministic transport of Ethernet services, and hence QoS much like other underlying transport used to deliver Carrier Ethernet. This is, in fact, a critical requirement of Carrier Ethernet, one that needs to be addressed well before the market begins to embrace it more wholeheartedly. At the ETH layer, MEF 10 has undertaken a significant amount of effort toward defining and implementing QoS to ensure rigorous SLAs. Table 2.5 notes some of the key developments in the standards bodies with regard to Carrier Ethernet QoS.
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Using styles to format text can be a huge timesaver. Although styles are often associated with text, CorelDRAW X4 has the capability to create, save, and apply styles to objects as well. These are known as graphic styles. Once a graphic style has been created, the style itself can be edited to affect all the objects to which it s applied.
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Active Directory
class UseDecimal { static void Main() { decimal price; decimal discount; decimal discounted_price; // Compute discounted price. price = 19.95m; discount = 0.15m; // discount rate is 15% discounted_price = price - ( price * discount); Console.WriteLine("Discounted price: {0:C}", discounted_price); } }
20. You rented a car and are having problems with it. What do you say to the rental agent
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are also keywords. To avoid confusion, do not use these keywords for naming range names. What this means is that in the IF formula we were using: = IF(A10=1,B10,C10*12) Excel s IF function was testing = IF(TRUE,B10,C10*12) What the formula returns is based on whether the test is TRUE or FALSE. Booleans: The Value of TRUE or FALSE More interestingly, TRUE and FALSE have values. TRUE is 1, and FALSE is 0. This is the basis of something called Boolean logic, a system of algebraic logic invented by the English mathematician George Boole (1815 1864). What can we do with this We can use this Boolean logic as another way to create an IF condition. Here is an example: =(A10=1) *100 You will need the parentheses around the A10 1 to make it clear to Excel that this is the Boolean unit. Otherwise, it will simply try to test if A10 is equal to 1 * 100. Thus, when A10 is 1, the formula will return 100, the result of 1 * 100, or 100. When A10 is not 1 (it is another number, a word, or blank), the formula is 0, the result of 0 * 100, or 0. We re getting the same result as: =IF(A10=1,100,0) Boolean formulas are nice to use when you want to put in a simple switch to turn a cell s numeric contents on and off. If you want to mimic the conditional switch of DoThis, ElseDoThis of an IF statement, you have to string two Booleans together. The IF statement: IF(A1<>0,10,22)
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