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// An exception for queue-empty errors. class QueueEmptyException : Exception { public QueueEmptyException(string str) : base(str) { } // Add other QueueEmptyException constructors here, if desired. public override string ToString() { return "\n" + Message; } } // A generic, fixed-size queue class. // This class implements the generic IQ interface. class SimpleQueue<T> : IQ<T> { T[] q; // this array holds the queue int putloc, getloc; // the put and get indices // Construct an empty queue given its size. public SimpleQueue(int size) { q = new T[size+1]; // allocate memory for queue putloc = getloc = 0; } // Put an item into the queue. public void Put(T obj) { if(putloc==q.Length-1) throw new QueueFullException("Queue Full! Max length is " + (q.Length-1) + "."); putloc++; q[putloc] = obj; } // Get an item from the queue. public T Get() { if(getloc == putloc) throw new QueueEmptyException("Queue is empty."); getloc++; return q[getloc]; } } // Demonstrate the generic queue. class GenQueueDemo { static void Main() {
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Brad found himself correcting several grammatical errors at the same time that he worked to shorten sentences. Brad s latest version dropped from 272 words to 249 words, a reduction of more than 8 percent. There are eighteen sentences. If you divide 272 words by eighteen sentences, you get an average sentence length of a little over fteen words. Brad said, That s great. How about your draft What s your average sentence length If it s longer than twenty words, did you rewrite to lower your average
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Aramraks, T., Highway Bridge Vibration Studies, Joint Highway Research Project No. JHRP-75-2, Purdue University, 1975. Aspire, Summer 2007. Austin, Deron and Ariel Soriano, Geotextiles for Transportation Projects, CE News, April 2005. Biggs, J. M., H. S. Suer and J. M. Louw, The Vibration of Simple Span Highway Bridges, Journal of Bridge Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 96, No. EM5, October, pp. 593 620. Concrete Repair Guide, American Concrete Institute, Committee 546, 2001, Farmington Hills, MI. Field Guide to Concrete Repair, Repair Application Procedures Bulletins 1 9, American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, MI. Gaidis, J. M. and A. M. Rosenberg, Estimating Life Cycle Cost of Concrete Using Life-365, Structure, March 2004. Guide to Formwork for Concrete, American Concrete Institute, Committee 347, Farmington Hills, MI, 2001. Guide for Selecting and Specifying Concrete Repair Materials, No. 03733, International Concrete Repair Institute, 1996. Guide for Surface Preparation for the Repair of Deteriorated Concrete Resulting from Reinforcing Steel Corrosion, No. 03730, International Concrete Repair Institute, 1995. Issa, M. A., A. A. Yousif and M. A. Issa, Investigation of Cracking in Concrete Bridge Decks at Early Ages, Journal of Bridge Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, May 1999.
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function pointer in C/C++. A delegate type is declared using the keyword delegate. The general form of a delegate declaration is shown here: delegate ret-type name(parameter-list);
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What about Internal Development
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B marks your navigation tools for previewing the image. From left to right you have tools for panning the window (you click-drag when your cursor is inside the preview window), zoom in and out, Fit To Window, 100 percent (1:1) viewing resolution, and finally a slider to zoom your current view in and out. C marks the split pane view (shown in the previous illustration) so you can compare the original image to any corrections you make. D marks the Color Depth. You d be ill-advised to change this from 48-bit, because only a high-depth image can be adjusted extensively without taking on banding and color clipping (explained shortly). The only reason you d choose 24-bit from the selector list is if the image were flawless and you wanted to get down to work by placing it in your document and saving space on your hard disk.
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Console.WriteLine(Apple.RedDel + " has the value " + (int)Apple.RedDel);
Dermatologic manifestations a slapped cheek appearance on the face and a lace-like erythematous rash on the trunk and extremities Symmetric arthropathy Flu-like symptoms What are the manifestations of parvovirus B19 during pregnancy Fetal loss or hydrops fetalis may ensue; however, there are no longterm developmental sequelae if a normal pregnancy ensues If infection occurs before 20 weeks, it is 11%. If infection occurs after 20 weeks, it is <1% Generalized fetal edema Destruction of RBC precursors leading to fetal anemia Myocarditis leading to fetal myocardial dysfunction What is the risk of hydrops fetalis What do the following serologic results signify Less than 4% Positive IgG and negative IgM: Prior maternal immunity Positive IgM and negative IgG: Acute infection How should an infected pregnant woman be managed Prior to 20 weeks, no action is necessary. After 20 weeks, women should receive weekly ultrasounds to look for signs of hydrops for 10 weeks after infection Elevated peak systolic velocity on the fetal middle cerebral artery dopplers With intrauterine fetal blood transfusion
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
Figure 2.24 A phasor diagram of
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SS7 Signaling Monitoring Systems 770 Network Management
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CHOOSE CHOOSE is a simple function for selecting an item from among a list. = CHOOSE(index_number, choice1, choice2,. . . choice29) Based on the index number (the first value), CHOOSE selects from the values listed. The index number cannot be a 0. The following example is a CHOOSE function that will return one of the four entries depending on the value entered in cell C10: = CHOOSE(C10, Apples , Bananas , Cherries , Dates ) This example uses text strings, but the choices listed can be any of the acceptable forms for function arguments. If we had written this with IF, it would have looked like this: IF C10= 1, Apples ,IF C10= 2, Bananas , IF C10= 3, Cherries , Dates As you can see, the benefit of CHOOSE is that it is much more straightforward. The disadvantage is that you have to list the choices individually because CHOOSE does not work with ranges. You cannot write CHOOSE(C10,D10:G10), for example. (You cannot do that with IF either.) Not being able to work with ranges makes writing CHOOSE rather awkward when you have upward of 10 choices. The limit for the values listed is 29; thus, the index number must be between 1 and 29. To have the option of entering a 0 in order not to select any value, use the following variation. Since the first position is taken up by the , you can only list 28 other options. = CHOOSE(C10+1, , Apples , Bananas , Cherries , Dates )
lower 3-dB filter frequency (must be the same as that used for the %BW3dB calculations above), Hz upper 3-dB filter frequency (must be the same as that used for the %BW3dB calculations above), Hz
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