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The second iteration statement in C/C++ is the while loop. Its general form is while(condition) statement; where statement is either an empty statement, a single statement, or a block of statements. The condition may be any expression, and true is any nonzero value. The loop iterates while the condition is true. When the condition becomes false, program control passes to the line of code immediately following the loop. The following example shows a keyboard input routine that loops until A is pressed:
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Local Area Networks
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Digital service is a key enabling technology that will allow cable systems to deliver a multitude of emerging services. High spectral efficiency, robust resistance to noise, and exceptional flexibility permit the installation of premium digital services, such as: 1. Video-on-demand 2. PCS telephony 3. Commercial data transport Figure 13-5 is a representation of a multiservice cable operation that may well be the wave of the future for the operators.
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Impedance matching with distributed circuits. Even though it is possible to design low-value distributed series capacitors into a microwave circuit, it is ordinarily too difficult and inaccurate a procedure. This means that, wherever possible, we will want to employ shunt distributed capacitors when matching impedances in our microwave designs. But what would we do if, for instance, we find that the series input impedance of a device is inductive, and we would like to tune this inductance out This would generally require a conjugate series capacitance to cancel the device s series input inductance. However, since we would like to get away from using a lumped series capacitor, we can convert the series input impedance (Fig. 3.45) of the device to an equivalent parallel input impedance (Fig. 3.46), which will now permit us to exploit a shunt distributed element to resonate out the input reactance of the device. The formulas to accomplish this conversion are:
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With reliable TCP sessions, before a host can send information to another host, a handshake process must take place to establish the connection. Figure 9-3 shows the steps involved. In Figure 9-3, PC-A wants to send data reliably to PC-B via TCP. Before this can take place, PC-A must establish the session to PC-B. The two hosts go through a three-way handshake to establish the reliable session. The following three steps occur during the three-way handshake:
ognition software in Massachusetts received strong support from Congress last year from the Massachusetts delegation led by Senator Ted Kennedy. The result was a $1 million appropriation to the state s police departments. In July 2002, Steve Cooper, the Chief Information Officer of the Office of Homeland Security, stated that the administration supports using biometric identification technologies, such as facial recognition, to improve security at U.S. borders, in air travel, in federal buildings and other locations. As for public safety, while facial recognition did not lead to any arrests at the Super Bowl, there is evidence that using such a system can help deter crime. The United Kingdom s experience is instructive. In October 1998, the council in Newham, England, introduced facial recognition software; the police installed 300 surveillance cameras and incorporated facial recognition technology. Data captured are compared against a police database of approximately 100 convicted robbers known to be recently active in the area. According to a November 2001 report of the U.K. s Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, street robberies in the Newham city center fell by 34 percent. The report notes, however, that the system has not led directly to any arrests, which suggests that its effect is largely due to deterrence/displacement of crime. Nonetheless, 93 percent of the residents support its use.5 Moreover, the facial recognition system used at the Super Bowl was not physically invasive or intrusive for spectators. In fact, it was much less invasive than a metal detector at a public building or an inauguration parade checkpoint or a shoe search at an airport. In this sense, facial recognition helped to protect the privacy of individuals, who otherwise might have had to endure more individualized police attention. One potential criticism is that the known criminals (for example, convicted felons) placed in such a database may face heightened police scrutiny once they are identified in a public setting, despite the fact that they have paid their debt to society. One response to this concern is that known criminals already face heightened police scrutiny. For example, a prior criminal record has long been a standard screening tool when police are developing a list of suspects, and law enforcement routinely checks latent fingerprints found at a crime scene against databases containing fingerprints of those with prior criminal histories. While there is also the danger that the biometric facial recognition system will make an incorrect match, that danger exists whether one is using facial recognition or traditional methods of identification such as comparing mugshots. Moreover, the potential for error is reduced when matches made by biometric facial recognition are subsequently confirmed by law enforcement professionals. In this sense, the facial recognition system does the screening by
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Figure 14-2: Broadband coaxial cable system from the beginning What the issue really boiled down to was one of analog vs. digital and the baseband vs. broadband implementations to achieve this goal. One world-renowned consultant and research house in the New England area of the United States even said that people who installed a broadband cable to provide their LAN services did not know what they were doing, and were wasting their company s money! This was a hot issue throughout both industries. In reality, the issue of using a broadband cable was under the turf of the voice communications departments, whereas the baseband cables were under the primary control of the data processing/data communications departments within corporations. If one technology was chosen over another, the lines in the sand would be washed away, and the convergence of voice and data would force the convergence of the two groups. The issue was therefore not whether to use a cable, but which type of cable to be used so that the LAN would fall under the correct jurisdictional authority within the organization. Unfortunately, control is not the goal of organizations, but access and profitability are! As an industry, too much time was wasted over semantics. However, what ultimately rolled out of the bandwidth argument was that the baseband cable systems were better for the LAN. This was the decision of the 1980s, when all traffic on the LAN was geared to data only at speeds of 10 Mbps and less.
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EXAMPLE Consider the square plate with sides of length s, a thickness t, and a density r shown in Fig. 11.6. The mass of the plate is given by
It s a sad fact that in America, the spiraling cost of health care has a powerful effect on people s employment plans, especially if they have dependents. Many people don t dare leave their jobs without having another job lined up first, because they ll lose their health insurance. However, there is a law called COBRA (which stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act how s that for gobbledygook ) that enables you to continue on your company s health plan at your own expense for up to 18 months after you leave, as long as the company employs 20 or more people. There are actually quite a few health-related benefits that companies can offer: Health insurance This is the big one, and almost every American company will offer it. Some companies have just one plan; others let you choose between a traditional insurance scheme, in which you pay a small part of all your medical bills and they pay the rest, and a health-maintenance organization (HMO), in which most treatment is free but you are restricted to certain
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