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The forms and the records were kept in a physically secure facility. The computer system was secured by restricting the number of computer terminals that could access the database. Employee access to the database was strictly limited. There were criminal sanctions for unauthorized disclosure.
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page) from its current page and layer to any position under the Guides layer on the Master Page. As you drag, notice a horizontal I-beam cursor appears, shown next, indicating the shape s current position as it is dragged. When your cursor is over a layer ideally, the layer you want to move the shape to you ll see the default
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Take a course or dip into the myriad tips and archived instructions on the New York Institute of Photography web site.
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C I/O Versus C++ I/O
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The structure variable name, followed by a period and the member name, refers to that member. All structure elements are accessed in the same way. The general form is structure-varname.member-name
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C++ from the Ground Up
Line-of-business applications are not business intelligence tools in a true sense. Instead, they re the applications that allow a business to run its day-to-day operations. However, integrating data from a business intelligence solution into line of business applications can provide line workers with tremendous benefits. Call center employees can immediately see charts or numbers representing all past business from a customer. Online stores can recommend complementary products when a person is making a purchase, based on the customer s previous purchases and the habits of similar customers. A medical center could use statistics covering a wide range of lab values and a large number of patients to identify whether a patient currently being treated might be at an elevated risk for a certain types of disease. Data input applications can validate data in real time against the known universe of good data. It can also flag potentially bad data at the time of data entry, before it makes its way into the system. This ability to use the data from a data warehouse provides benefits all the way to the workers on the front lines of dealing with customers or products. These individuals may be totally unaware of the existence of a data warehouse, but they know that they use the numbers shown in the applications to get their job done more efficiently. Such integration between data in Analysis Services and line-of-business applications is provided by such enabling technologies as OLE DB, ADO.NET, XML web services, XMLA, and more. This alphabet soup means one thing: accessing the data and bringing it into client applications is well supported in a variety of ways and in many different application formats. Whether a company is using Windows applications or web applications, the data can easily be integrated into the daily workflow of all users.
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Structures and Unions
Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators
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