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The Zen of Data Flow
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more fragile, both in terms of playability and also shatterability. When we go to analysis of breakage, it is usually skewed towards certain titles. In a given week, for example, if we have 100 broken discs, it would not be surprising to have 60 of them be exactly the same title. So, that suggests that slight differences in the manufacturing process are the cause of the problem There is no question about it. The plastic somehow reacts to a bad plot and it curdles the plastic or something. From those numbers, it really is a very minimal concern. Very minimal. Having used your service, it clearly is a very easy way to view top-notch movies inexpensively. Amazingly enough, it works. It is a guess. Will people tolerate a day or two delay in exchange for all the other bene ts we provide all the selections, all the editorial tools. And the answer at this point is pretty clearly Yes. Can you give me a quick capsule history of how the business got started and what your background is My background is not in the movie business. I am not a videophile. I mostly have been with startups of all stripes. My background is primarily in direct marketing. I was the founder of a magazine called MacUser magazine, which we sold to Ziff-Davis. Then I was the founder of a mail order company called MacWarehouse and MicroWarehouse. Then I was at Borland Software for about 6 years, doing direct marketing until I became the General Manager of one of their divisions for awhile. I did a startup called Visioneer that makes a little scanner called the PaperPort. Then I did a small high-tech startup in the Silicon Valley, which did Quality Assurance software, which we eventually sold to Rational Software. That gave me about 6 months off where I said, What do I do next I decided the time was right to do something in ecommerce. That was what lead us to examining what large categories are ripe for being exploited by the power of the Internet. We decided the video rental was a potential one. And, DVD would enable that.
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Building Information Modeling
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Wireless LAN Technologies
Which pointer sequence is used to stress the network element s desynchronizer The jitter measurement bandwidth
Trunk and Extremities
Applications of the Integral
The Difference Between T-x and DS-x
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Becoming a CISA
1. Assemble your materials: silver-silver chloride reference electrode with lead (widely available on the Web or at West Marine stores for about $80) digital multimeter (DMM) having at least 10 MW input impedance (even inexpensive DMMs do) several high-quality zinc anodes of appropriate type (shaft collar, prop, or hull zincs) two 20-foot test leads with strong clips 2. Starting with the hull free of all zinc anodes, lower the silver-silver chloride electrode into the water near the metal to be protected. 3. Set the DMM to the 2 Volts DC setting. 4. Connect the lead from the reference electrode to the DMM input. 5. Using a test lead, connect the metal to be protected to the DMM + input. Make sure the test lead clip makes a clean electrical connection to the metal. 6. Note the DMM reading (example: 0. 720 volt). 7. Using the second test lead, connect one of the zinc anodes to the metal to be protected and lower the zinc into the water. 8. Note the new DMM reading. The zinc is adequate if it has lowered the voltage by at least 0.200 volt (example: from 0.720 volt to 0.920 volt or less). 9. If the second reading isn t at least 0.200 volt more negative than the rst, the zinc is not suf cient. Increase either the zinc area or the number of zincs and retest.
Example 3:
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