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When a function calls itself, new local variables and parameters are allocated storage on the stack, and the function code is executed with these new variables from its beginning. A recursive call does not make a new copy of the function. Only the arguments are new. As each recursive call returns, the old local variables and parameters are removed from the stack and execution resumes at the point of the function call inside the function. Recursive functions could be said to telescope out and back. Most recursive functions are not smaller than their iterative counterparts. The recursive versions of most routines may execute a bit more slowly than the iterative equivalents because of the added function calls; but this slightly increased overhead is not a significant concern for most situations. Many recursive calls to a function could cause a stack overrun. Because storage for function parameters and local variables is on the stack and each new call creates a new copy of these variables, the stack space could become exhausted. If this happens, a stack overflow occurs. The main advantage to recursive functions is that they can be used to create versions of several algorithms that are clearer and simpler than their iterative equivalents. For example, the QuickSort sorting algorithm is quite difficult to implement in an iterative way. Some problems, especially artificial intelligence related ones, also seem to lend themselves to recursive solutions. Finally, some people seem to think recursively more easily than iteratively. When writing recursive functions, you must have a conditional statement, such as an if, somewhere to force the function to return without the recursive call being executed. If you don t, the function will never return once you call it. This is a very common error when writing recursive functions. Use printf( ) and getchar( ) liberally during development so that you can watch what is going on and abort execution if you see a mistake.
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Table 24-1. Basic Threat Detection Thresholds
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Console.WriteLine("this won't be displayed"); } }
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Part II:
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The output produced by this program is shown here: generate data matrix code
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Observations about the melting point of NaCl (high or low melting point) Observations about the melting of sugar (high or low melting point)
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Remember that you can t start an identifier with a digit. Thus, 12x is invalid, for example. Good programming practice dictates that you use identifier names that reflect the meaning or usage of the items being named. Although you cannot use any of the C# keywords as identifiers, C# does allow you to precede a keyword with an @, allowing it to be a legal identifier. For example, @for is a valid identifier. In this case, the identifier is actually for and the @ is ignored. Frankly, using @-qualified keywords for identifiers is not recommended, except for special purposes. Also, the @ can precede any identifier, but this is considered bad practice.
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TABLE 4.17 Result of Step 5
Technology Primer
namespace ends, the outer namespace resumes, which in the case of the Counter is the global namespace. For clarity, subsequent examples will show all namespaces required by a program within the same file, but remember that separate files would be equally valid (and more commonly used in production code).
Description Seal concrete crack with epoxy Soil anchors Soil anchors (prestressed) Rock anchors Rock anchors (prestressed) Steel sheet piling Timber piles (12 diameter, treated) Erosion ll material Channel excavation (small quantity) Channel protection (rip rap) Channel protection (gabion) Hot poured deck joint sealer Repack and seal pourable deck joint Replace deteriorated elastomeric compression joint sealer Replace deteriorated elastomeric strip joint sealer Replace deteriorated modular deck Joint
Figure 5-2.
C++ from the Ground Up
The next step was to build the motor housings. Cordless drill motors are not designed to be used as regular motors, so there really isn t any good mounting points on the motor and gearbox. I used a pair of calipers and reverse engineered the exterior geometry of the motors and gearboxes. Figure 14-7 shows a layout of the components used to make the mounts for the gearbox, and Figure 14-8 shows a photograph of the assembled gearboxes. The parts were machined using an abrasive waterjet. Yup, water and sand was used to cut all these metal parts. When water is pressurized to 55,000 psi and a little sand is added to it, it can cut any material known to man. One of the nice things about an abrasive waterjet is that it can cut some rather intricate features without difficulty.
This call to Format( ) contains two format specifiers, one for sum and one for prod. Notice that the argument numbers are specified just as they are when using WriteLine( ). Also, notice that regular text, such as Sum: is included. This text is passed through and becomes part of the output string.
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