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You need to specify the name of the interface that the device is off of, as well as the device IP and MAC addresses. If you add the alias parameter, the entry will become a permanent entry in the ARP table; if you save the appliance s configuration, then the static ARP entry is saved, even upon a reboot of the appliance. If you omit the alias parameter, any rebooting of the appliance will cause the appliance to lose the static ARP configuration.
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Figure 10.13 Virtual paths and virtual channels. Each service is allocated a virtual connection through the ATM network. Connections can be provided at two levels of hierarchy, virtual paths (VP) and virtual channels (VC). The ATM cell header allocates 8 bits for the VPI (at the UNI), allowing 256 paths (4096 at the NNI). Sixteen bits are allocated for the VCI, allowing 65,536 VCs on each VP. The hierarchy allows ATM switching to be done at both the VP and VC levels, allowing efficient connection allocation and helping network management by enabling, for example, the grouping of VCs with similar quality requirements into the same VP for optimal routing through the network.
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Examples Data base applications Graphics applications E-mail applications Internet access Unicast address Multicast address Broadcast address Source routing on a Token-Ring network Transmission errors FCS errors Protocol errors Invalid frames Frame size distribution Average, minimum, and maximum frame sizes Illegal frame lengths
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17.1 The Rate of a Reaction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 129 17.2 Surface Area and Reaction Rate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 133 CHAPTER 18
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(x 3) 4/3 dx = lim
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Use the encapsulation ppp command to change a serial interface s encapsulation to PPP. When you look at the output of the show interfaces command, any protocol
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// Demonstrate lifetime of a variable. using System; class VarInitDemo { static void Main() { int x; for(x = 0; x < 3; x++) { int y = -1; // y is initialized each time block is entered Console.WriteLine("y is: " + y); // this always prints -1
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Figure 19-8. WebVPN home page and smart tunnels
The words and phrases in this list could be useful if you like to dabble in foreign markets.
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