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Hard QOS/Throughput
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The name of the help file is passed to the Help constructor and stored in the instance variable helpfile. Since each instance of Help will have its own copy of helpfile, each instance can use a different file. Thus, you can create different sets of help files for different sets of topics.
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Assuming that you call the skeleton WinSkel.cs, then to compile the skeleton from the command line, use this command:
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Figure 5-5
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ERD for Problem 15
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Add and subtract (4.891)2 (As 4.891)2 23.922 3.293 0 (As) v20.628 4.891 0.349 in2 Bottom reinforcement 5/8 in diameter @ 10 in centers. (0.362 in2 Check: Equation of type ax2 bx c 0 (b 2 4ac) }/2a x { b a 1, b 9.782, c 3.293 x {9.782 9.7822 4 1 3.293 }/2 1 x {9.782 82.52 }/2 {9.782 9.08}/2 0.349 or 9.431 Neglecting imaginary root, x 0.349. Calculations are Okay.
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The easiest and least expensive method is to send the signal from a single receiver to multiple zones. The signals are input to the receiver from its various sources (VCR, DVD, CD player, satellite dish, and so forth). From there, the signal is sent to a signal splitter with built-in impedance-matching capabilities, then split off to the four zones.
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A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
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nitrogen atom that has three single covalent bonds to three other atoms. Typically two of the other atoms are hydrogen, while the third atom is a carbon atom linking the amine group to the rest of the molecule. This is called a primary amine, because it has one connection to the rest of the molecule. See Fig. 7-5. A secondary amine has only one hydrogen atom attached and two covalent bonds to the rest of the molecule. Tertiary amines exist but are less common. In a tertiary amine the nitrogen has three connections to the rest of the molecule, with no hydrogen atoms directly connected to the nitrogen. Amine groups are polar with a slightly negative charge on the nitrogen atom and (for primary and secondary amines) a slightly positive charge on the hydrogen atoms. Amines can participate in hydrogen bonding, on either the positive or negative side of the bond. One amine group can thus participate in up to three hydrogen bonds at once. Amines can form positive ions by covalently binding to an extra hydrogen atom without its electron (i.e., by covalently + bonding to a proton). Thus, when ionized, we have NH3 for a primary amine + + ion, NH2 for a secondary amine ion, and NH for a tertiary amine ion.
4. Edit your button; in the illustration below, the embossed circle has actually been
Production Essentials
INVITE SIP/2.0 From: Daniel<>; tag = abcd1234 To: Boss<> CSeq: 1 INVITE Content-Length: 213 Content-Type: application/sdp Content-Disposition: session v=0 o=collins 123456 001 IN IP4 s= c=IN IP4 t=0 0 m=audio 4444 RTP/AVP 2 a=rtpmap 2 G726-32/8000 m=audio 4666 RTP/AVP 4 a=rtpmap 4 G723/8000 m=audio 4888 RTP/AVP 15 a=rtpmap 15 G728/8000
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his chapter discusses one of the most important parts of the .NET Framework: collections. In C#, a collection is a group of objects. The .NET Framework contains a large number of interfaces and classes that define and implement various types of collections. Collections simplify many programming tasks because they provide off-theshelf solutions to several common, but sometimes tedious-to-develop, data structures. For example, there are built-in collections that support dynamic arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, and hash tables. Collections are a state-of-the-art technology that merits close attention by all C# programmers. Originally, there were only non-generic collection classes. However, the addition of generics in C# 2.0 coincided with the addition of many new generic classes and interfaces to the .NET Framework. The inclusion of the generic collections essentially doubled the number of collection classes and interfaces. Thus, the Collections API is now quite large. Although the generic and non-generic collections work in similar ways, there are some differences, and both are described in this chapter. Also described in this chapter are two features that relate to collections: enumerators and iterators. Both enumerators and iterators enable the contents of a class to be cycled through via a foreach loop.
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