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Notice in this example that the subinterface numbers in the interface command (1 and 2) do not match the VLAN numbers in the encapsulation command (10 and 20); remember that the subinterface numbers are used by the IOS only to reference the particular subinterface and do not have to match any configuration on the subinterface. If you are configuring static routes and want to route traffic out of a particular subinterface, specify the major interface along with the subinterface number, such as fastethernet0/0.2. Static routes are discussed in 19.
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Part II:
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Figure 6-1.
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Design for reliability
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Mass Spectrometry
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The Dot Convention
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CDCyclone T-30
Related Functions
Figure 7-12 In-band sweepresponse test
Accessing Cookies
applied shadow effect and click the Add Preset (+) button. The Save As dialog opens. Enter a new name for your new shadow Preset in the File Name box and click Save. Your drop shadow preset is added to the Preset List.
Physical Layer
Formatting I/O
The C# Language
Changing the CPU Reservation for Users
ciscoasa(config)# tunnel-group tunnel_group_name webvpn-attributes ciscoasa(config-tunnel-webvpn)# authentication {[aaa] [certificate]}
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