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NOTE The Island Resorts Marketing universe may or may not have Customer ID as an object,
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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class MyGenClass<T> {
Smart Home Safety Systems
NGW PSTN switch
Related Functions
Miscellaneous Functions
The prototype for isupper( ) is found in <ctype.h>. The isupper( ) macro returns non-0 if ch is an uppercase letter ( A through Z ); otherwise, it returns 0.
Find a unique vantage point from which to photograph your scene. For example, when you photograph a group of people at a table, avoid the head-on shot from the end of the table. If you stand on top of a chair or on the second or third rung of a stepladder and photograph the group from above, you ll create a more interesting photo. Take control of the situation, and tell your subjects where you want them to stand. If you re photographing a large group of people, tell the taller people to move to the back, and position small children in the front of the photo. You can also ask the first row of people to kneel.
write-only properties. To create a read-only property, define only a get accessor. To define a write-only property, define only a set accessor. You can use a property to further improve the fail-soft array class. As you know, all arrays have a Length property associated with them. Up to now, the FailSoftArray class simply used a public integer field called Length for this purpose. This is not good practice, though, because it allows Length to be set to some value other than the length of the fail-soft array. (For example, a malicious programmer could intentionally corrupt its value.) We can remedy this situation by transforming Length into a read-only property, as shown in this version of FailSoftArray:
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