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The process that occurs when a user logs into a Terminal Server is as follows: The Terminal Server contacts a domain controller to determine where the roaming profile is located, as specified in the Terminal Services Profile text field in the user s account. If this field is configured, the profile is copied down from the specified network location to a locally cached version of the profile on the Terminal Server. If the Terminal Services Profile field is left blank, the Terminal Server will look at the Profile Path text field and download that profile if it exists. If both fields are blank, the Terminal Server will use a local profile (if one already exists) or create one (if it does not exist) by copying settings from the default user s profile on the machine they are logging into. This process is illustrated in Figure 16-4.
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An Introduction to Synchronous Signals and Networks
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SS7 data is available in real time. Data reduction should be done by distributed processing at the lowest possible layer. Because of the huge volumes of data in a large SS7 network, transmitting all of it to the central server is not feasible. The system should be open, providing published and supported Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for building SS7 monitoring applications. The system should support co-residency of multiple applications all running in parallel.
The output from the program is shown here:
tions in , and to stabilize the active device over wide temperature variations. All of these variables must be set by a proper bias network. A vital parameter of any oscillator circuit will be its Q. A high-Q feedback oscillator [such as the crystal or surface acoustic wave (SAW) types] will have a more frequency-stable output than an LC oscillator. This is because variances in the transistor s reactances caused by changing VCC, temperature, as well as lot variations from transistor to transistor, will cause far less frequency shifts than a low-Q (LC) oscillator. The proper choice of each of the components for an oscillator is very important, since even the passive components can have a significant impact on oscillator operation. Unless frequency compensation is desired, the oscillator s feedback network capacitors should be NPO for minimum frequency drift under normal temperature variations. The proper choice of the active device is also critical. Transistors with a very high ft compared to the oscillation frequency work much better in oscillator circuits than those with marginal ft specifications. This is due to the transistor s ability, at a high ft, not only to maintain its 180 degree phase shift at higher frequencies (an amplifier s phase shift begins to drop from 180 degrees as frequency increases), but also to have a higher feedback gain. Most oscillators should be extensively decoupled from any noise and intermittent voltage variations of the power supply, and injection of the oscillator s own RF into the mains should be avoided, in all modern wireless applications.
demonstrates the resolution-dependence properties of bitmaps. Figure 26-1 shows a desktop icon; it s 32 32 pixels, and the largely adopted resolution convention is that screen pixels are 72 per inch. At 1:1 viewing resolution, this icon looks fine, but when you zoom into it to 10:1 viewing resolution, it begins to look coarse. The same thing would be visible if you actually were to change the resolution of the image. Bitmap images are resolution dependent; the pixels you capture of a scene with a camera can t be added to later to increase detail no application can guess what the extra detail and extra pixels would be. In Figure 26-1 you can see an extreme enlargement of the icon, and the pixels are so clearly visible that you can t make out what the design is! The lesson here is that to take advantage of the unique property of bitmap images that they accurately portray a photographic scene you need to take a photo that is high resolution 3,264 pixels 2,448 pixels is average for an 8-megapixel camera, a little larger than 10 8 at 300 ppi. CorelDRAW can resize an image; for example, this same 8-megapixel image could also be expressed as 20 15 at 163 ppi without changing any visual information. CorelDRAW can also resample an image, and this is the destructive type of editing; you change pixels when you resample, so generally it s a good idea to resize and only resample as a last resort when adding photos to a CorelDRAW composition.
it will now drill down on the item on the X-axis (the Bottom Axis). Now, drilling down will work as it did before. While using the Switch to All Products allows a user to drill down on the Product Model Lines hierarchy in this case, the display is somewhat different from the previous chart. Figure 6-6 shows the chart with Product Model Lines on the X-axis, Gross Profit on the Y-axis, and the user having drilled down once on the Big Blue Bar after choosing Switch to All Products. Note that the legend contains only the name of the measure and that the different Product Line values appear along the bottom. While it may be difficult to tell, all the bars are the same color since there is only a single value for the legend. The format users prefer to choose is up to them. There is a simple way to switch the items on the X and Y axes if desired; first right-click on any bar and then choose Pivot. This moves all of the items from the Series to the Bottom Axis and vice versa. Therefore, any chart can easily be switched between views such as in Figure 6-5 and Figure 6-6, simply by right-clicking on a bar and selecting Pivot.
FIGURE 6.4 Radial cam translating rollerfollower force distribution.
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