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The management of access controls requires that processes and business rules be established that govern how access controls are managed. These processes and rules are used to decide which persons will be permitted to access which data and functions in the organization. The processes to manage access controls are: Access control request Any new request for access must be formally made via an established request procedure. The request should be approved by the subject s manager, as well as by the owner of the resource to which access is being requested. Access control review A periodic review of all users access to systems must be performed to verify that everyone who has access is still entitled to that access and to verify that all access for terminated employees has been removed. Segregation of duties review A periodic review of each user s access rights in all systems must be performed to verify that each employee does not have a combination of access privileges that would constitute a violation of segregation of duties.
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Managed copy is a feature of AACS. (See 3 for basics and 4 for details.) Managed copy is mandatory in the sense that every Blu-ray disc protected with AACS must allow at least one authorized copy (with a few exceptions). However, it is not mandatory that Blu-ray playback devices provide the managed copy feature. Very few Blu-ray players will implement it, although it will be popular on computers. When this book was written, at the end of 2008, Blu-ray actually did not yet support AACS managed copy. AACS was released in 2006 under an interim license. Managed copy was only provided in the final license, which was not expected to be issued until 2009.
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Figure 2-5 shows an example of the process used for encapsulating and deencapsulating PDUs as data is passed down and back up the OSI Reference Model. In this example, you can see how the application, presentation, and session layers create the data PDU. As this information is passed down from layer to layer, each layer adds its own header (and possibly trailer, as is the case with most layer 2 protocols). The next few sections will help you better understand the process that devices go through as information is transmitted between computers. The next section covers the details as to how information is encapsulated and sent down the protocol stack and then placed on the wire to the destination. The section following that covers the reverse process: how the information is de-encapsulated at the destination and delivered to the application at the application layer. The last part of the chapter looks at a more complex environment, where bridges, routers, and hubs are involved in the communication process to get information from the source to the destination.
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public static double IEEERemainder(double x, double y) public static double Log(double d) public static double Log(double a, double newBase)
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FIGURE 15-1 Linked universes ensure consistent dimensions across multiple universes.
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Roles and Responsibilities
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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This large budget requires a 6-kilowatt generator during the hours of peak use and an inverter rated at about 3,000 watts continuous or more. Allowing for the ef ciency of the inverter, the inverter alone draws about 280 Ah per day from the batteries.
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E X A M P L E 4.37
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The next screen asks for the server running Analysis Services. You should simply enter the name of the server and click Next. The next screen asks for the name of a domain user to act as the Planning Server Service Identity (SI) account. This account is separate from the SI account for the Monitoring Server. In addition, this screen does not include a drop-down box as seen with the Monitoring Server in Figure 8-2. Instead, the only option is to add a domain user, and in this case the password will be necessary. Microsoft explicitly recommends against this account having administrative privileges to any server running Planning Server. The next screen asks for the location of both the audit logs and the trace logs. It also allows the administrator to enable or disable audit and trace logging; both are on by default. A page now appears that asks for the ports that you would like to run the servers on. The default port for the Planning Web Server is 46787 and the default port for the Planning Administration Console is 46788. The remaining screens simply verify the previous information and complete the installation. The Planning Business Modeler follows the same installation process as the previous servers, simply asking for a location and then installing. The Business Modeler, however, does not need to be configured after the installation is complete. Likewise, the PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel simply asks for an installation path and then installs itself, without any post-installation configuration required.
Part I:
Certain states and localities do more than just suggest you recycle your batteries they make it mandatory. Dealers are required to charge you a core deposit on your batteries that gets refunded to you when you bring them in for recycling a larger version of the soda bottle deposit. Obviously, this adds to the price of your battery purchase. Another reason why one price cannot be quoted. The flip side of this is your no-longer-usable batteries have an intrinsic scrap value. Like your used car when you buy a new one, your used batteries have a small but welldefined trade-in value. The lead commodity price quote from your local newspaper times the weight of your batteries gives you an approximate figure to deal with.
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