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You can calculate values for these numbers by punching suitable buttons on your calculator, but that does not explain what the numbers mean or how the calculator was programmed to calculate them. We will use our understanding of the exponential and logarithm functions to now de ne these exponential expressions. If a > 0 and b is any real number then we de ne a b = exp(b ln a). ( )
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For all its work, the T1 was a beginning step to the North American Digital Hierarchy. From there, other multiplexing steps were instituted to get higher speed communications services. A second means of achieving the high-speed communications is to multiplex four DS-1s into a DS-2. The DS-2 (physically it is a T-2) is a data channel carrying 96 channels of 64 Kbps each, plus overhead yielding a nominal 6.312 Mbps data transmission speed. To create the DS-2, four DS-1 signals are combined. This creates a DS-2 frame as shown in Figure 26-10 . The DS-2 frame is often referred to as the DS-2 M frame and consists of four subframes. Each of the subframes are labeled: M1 though M4. A subframe consists of six blocks of information; each block contains 49 bits.
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A Closer Look at Classes and Objects
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Properties for Setting Up E-mail Reception
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Drilling a 3/16-inch hole to accommodate security cabling
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Cisco ASA Configuration
For a carrier to second-order distortion speci cation of 50 dB, the cascade number can be calculated by (C/SOD)n (C/SOD)n
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Point to Multipoint H.Q./POP or Switch Site
7. Create a focused, concrete plan of action. 8. Design a support system. 9. Refer the learner to additional resources as needed.
process of HDMV mode authoring as well as multiplexing and premastering (output of the BD CMF image for replication). Other lower-cost and basic-capability systems are also available from Sonic, Adobe, NetBlender and others that allow multiplexing, HDMV mode authoring and the creation of the BD CMF images. Many of these systems also allow the integration of BD-J mode programming. The differences between the high-end systems and the lower-cost systems is that the high-end systems support all of the features of the specification, such as secondary audio and video, full animated HDMV menus, slideshows, seamless branching, et cetera. Check out the lower-cost systems. They may meet your needs, but for support of all of the BD specification features for advanced titles, the high-end systems will be required. For compression, many of the companies who had tools for DVD either extended those tools or created new tools for the new codecs supported by BD. Most of the encoding solutions are software-based with a substantial workstation or multi-CPU cluster server platform required. High- end compression solutions include Sonic s Cinevision (MPEG2, VC1 and AVC), CinemaCraft (AVC), Thomson's NexCode (AVC), Inlet Technologies' Fathom (MPEG2, VC1 and AVC) and Microsoft s VC1 encoder (distributed and supported by Sonic Solutions). Many other encoding solutions also support high definition BD-compliant output for MPEG2, VC-1 and AVC (MPEG4, part 10). Look for products from Apple, Main Concept, Canopus Procoder, Sorenson, Avid, Adobe and TMPGEnc for other compression solutions. The quality of the results, control of the encode, the speed of the encode, and the workflow, are all factors that distinguish one solution from another and determine the applicability of any solution for your production. Commercial high-end compression systems range from $50,000 to $250,000. Just as with the early days of DVD, expect that new solutions will be introduced by many of the DVD mainstay companies as well as many newcomers. After a few years, expect the tools to range from barebones, consumer-oriented authoring applications priced at less than $75 to full-featured compression, authoring and multiplexing packages that cost thousands of dollars but do far more than the initial, first-generation systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Producing a Blu-ray Disc is significantly different from producing older formats, such as videotape, laserdisc, audio CD, or CD-ROM. It has many similarities to producing a DVDVideo disc or producing a video game. There are basically six stages j interaction design and graphics creation j encoding/compression j authoring and/or programming j multiplexing and premastering j testing, and j replication (mastering) Blu-ray production costs are currently much higher than the costs for DVD. The list of extra features for Blu-ray, such as multiple sound tracks, camera angles, synchronized lyrics, subtitles, secondary audio and video, network connectivity capabilities, interactive programming and so on, can be long and the costs expensive. On a per-byte basis, Blu-ray costs may be about the same as DVD, but Blu-ray can hold 5-10 times as many bytes. The actual pro-
A Second Form of GetMethods( )
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