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his chapter discusses one of C# s most important features: the interface. An interface defines a set of methods that will be implemented by a class. An interface does not, itself, implement any method. It is a purely logical construct that describes a set of methods that a class will provide without dictating the specifics of the implementation. Also discussed in this chapter are two more C# data types: structures and enumerations. Structures are similar to classes, except that they are handled as value types rather than as reference types. Enumerations are lists of named integer constants. Structures and enumerations contribute to the richness of the C# programming environment, providing elegant solutions to many programming problems.
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As you can see, after the assignment of b to a, both variables refer to the same object the one originally referred to by b.
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Earlier in this chapter, you saw the BitsInByte class that displays the bits that make up a byte. One drawback to BitsInByte is that it works only with byte values. A more useful class would show the bit pattern for any type of integer value. Fortunately, such a class is easy to create, and the program developed here shows how. It creates a class called ShowBits that allows the bits
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C. The one with the maximum energy available D. The one with the most distributions E. None of the above 71. Given the following two expressions for the partition function
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What is the prognosis of congenital toxoplasmosis
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Objectives and Constraints
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Packet identifier ID
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Service Function Mgt Data Services (FMDS) NAU Service Manager Data Flow Control Transmission Control Path Control SDLC Physical
Knowing what the learner agrees and disagrees with helps the developer know the feedback areas that will be relatively easy for the learner and those that will be challenging. When discussing areas of disagreement, developers can use one or both of the following tactics:
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ending at the right side, and bisecting the gear so what you see onscreen is a rectangle slicing the top half of the gear.
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